Rose emoji meaning

Flower emojis have been so popular on social media. People like using these emojis very much. Rose is one of the most preferred ones. Rose emoji meaning is about being romantic, flirting, loving someone, love of rose and being interested in gardening.

Being Romantic

According to a common thought, a rose is the symbol of romance. Many gentlemen give a rose to their girlfriends or wives. In this way, they express their love. This emoji can be sent after a lovely evening between two lovers. The girl can get a message from her boyfriend something like that: “It was a good evening. Everything was perfect. Thank you.”

Being Romantic text with rose emoji

People also send rose emoji to their loved ones. We can see many people who use this emoji in their messages. Famous people, celebrities get this emoji very much as they have a lot of fans on their social media profiles. That is why rose emoji meaning is about being romantic.


Flirting text with rose emoji

Rose emoji meaning is sometimes related to flirting. Guys and girls send this emoji to each other while they are flirting. Especially guys send rose emoji to the girls that they are interested in. It is very common in dating apps and also social media platforms. Some guys send this emoji to the girls. If they get a positive response, they start flirting.

Love of rose

Love of rose text with rose emoji

Rose emoji meaning is not only about love or romance, but it may also be about the love of rose. Some people love flowers. Some of them especially love rose. Many women like this flower. So, they can use this emoji in their messages to express their love of rose. For example, someone grows rose in his garden. He takes pictures of his rose and shares it on social media profile. He can add a comment something like that: “My beautiful rose”. Someone who sees a picture of a rose can use this emoji in his comment as well: “I like this rose very much!”.

Smelling Nice

Rose emoji meaning is about making a compliment. Someone can prefer this emoji in his message when he wants to imply that his lover smells like a rose.

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