Ring emoji

Jewelry emojis have been so common as other emojis. The ring is one of the most popular ones. The ring is a well-known symbol of proposal and marriage. Ring emoji meaning is often used in this context. Its meaning is usually about proposal, marriage, engagement, jewelry, richness, style, fashion and gift.

The proposal, marriage, and engagements

Just as the ring is known as the symbol of these, ring emoji meaning is often related to proposal, marriage, engagement, and wedding ceremony. It can be put in all messages about these: “We are getting married! Everybody is invited to our wedding ceremony.”

Proposal, marriage and engagementsA lady can write when she got a proposal from her lover: “He proposed to me! I feel so happy.”, A man who is ready to propose can put this in his message: “Today, I will propose to her.”, A couple who has engaged: “We have engaged, and we are so happy!”. It can be used to express social status: “I am married.”

Jewelry and other luxury things

Ring emoji meaning can be about jewelry and other luxury things. When the subject is any of these, ring emoji can be used: “That is the ring that I have just bought. What are your opinions?”, “I am thinking of buying jewelry. What kind of thing should I buy?”. The ring can emoji can be put in text to represent luxury lifestyle: “He has a luxury lifestyle.”, “I like living in luxury.”


As the ring is expensive jewelry, ring emoji meaning can be used to represent richness as well: “One day I want to be rich. That is my dream.”, “Which one would you prefer: Richness or love?”, “These are the richest people of the world.”


In most cases, the ring is bought as a gift so that ring emoji meaning can be thought of as a symbol of the gift. When someone has a gift, he can share it: “That is my new gift. It is so nice.”. It can be put in a message to thank someone who bought the gift: “This is great! Thank you so much.”, “Let’s see whether you will like my surprise.”

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