Red heart emoji meaning

Red heart emoji meaning and using

We have been seeing many heart emojis including different colors such as red, black, white, purple and more on social media and other platforms. A red heart is the most popular emoji of them. As it can be guessed easily, red heart emoji meaning is related to love, valentine’s day, romantic relationships and also red color.

The Symbol of Love

The Symbol of Love

Red heart has been considered as the symbol of love for a long time. People have written poems, lyrics, songs, novels for those who they love. They have created love movies. Some of them draw pictures including the heart. A heart has been used as a symbol in most of them. It is also the symbol of valentine’s day. People still use this symbol to express their love.

As the red heart is known as the symbol of love, red heart emoji meaning is related to the symbol of love as well. People send this emoji to their loved ones. Lovers can send this emoji to each other. Someone can send this emoji to the person that he loves. Guys do this a lot. If you are a girl and got this emoji from a guy, that means he loves you. When you respond in a positive way, that will be the beginning of your relationship. Girls can send this emoji to guys as well. If a guy gets this emoji from a girl, she wants to express that she loves him. Famous people including actors, singers, football players have a lot of fans. They get this emoji from girls a lot. You can see those messages including this emoji on social media.

Love Of Animals

Love Of Animals text and red heart emoji


Red heart emoji meaning is sometimes regarded as the love of animals. There are a lot of animal lovers in the world. You can see them everywhere. They take care of street animals. Most of them feed pets in their homes. These people use this emoji as an expression of their love of animals. They take pictures of their pets. When they see an animal in the street, they take a picture of them and share these pictures on their social media profiles. They also add comments like that: “That is my sweety!”. “It is so cute!”. They put this emoji at the end of their messages.

Things That People Like

Things That People Like text

Sometimes people use this emoji when they see something that they like. In these situations, red heart emoji meaning is considered as saying “I like this very much” or “I am interested”. For example, a lady shares a picture with her new dress. In this case, she can get a lot of comments from her friends. For example: “Your dress is wonderful! I want to buy one.” “Nice dress. I love it.” Red heart emoji can be put at the end of these messages. Guys also use this emoji but not as much as girls. For example, a man buys a car. He takes its picture and shares it on his social media profile. His friends can use this emoji in their comments like these: “Nice car. I like it.” “It is great.”

Romantic Relationships

As it is the symbol of love, red heart emoji meaning is considered as love in romantic relationships. Lovers, couples use this a lot in their messages. They usually write things like “I love you” “I miss you very much.” “I am looking forward to seeing you.” Red heart emoji is used in these kinds of expressions. Sometimes they buy presently to each other. Guys often send flowers to their girlfriends. They usually attach a paper including a message and heart emoji. Girls do it as well. When they send a present to their boyfriends, they attach a note including heart emoji.

Red heart emoji meaning is sometimes about saying “I am sorry”. Arguments, breakups are part of romantic relationships. However, couples make peace by saying they are sorry to each other. Red heart emoji can be used in such situations. It can be used in messages like these: “I am sorry about the argument we made last night. I love you.” “I think it shouldn’t last anymore. Let’s forget what happened at all.” “I know I broke you. I am really sorry.”

Valentine’s Day

Red heart is the symbol of valentine’s day. Red heart emoji meaning is also the symbol of valentine’s day as well. Lovers celebrate this day by doing activities. They send messages to each other including red heart emoji. They buy presents or go to places for celebration.

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