Rainbow emoji

Colorful emojis are very popular with people. They prefer them to make their messages look more colorful. Rainbow emoji is one of those emojis that people put in their messages. Rainbow emoji meaning is mostly associated with its actual meaning. It is widely used to refer to sky, brightness, nature, weather and things like these. Moreover, rainbow emoji meaning is regarded as the expression of positive feelings like happiness, joyfulness, love, and hope. Rainbow is also a much-preferred theme of the cartoons and children love it so much. They include a rainbow in their drawing. Apart from these, rainbow emoji meaning has been regarded as the expression of rights of the people called LGBT who have different preferences.

Relation with the sky, weather, and natureRelation with sky, weather, and nature

Rainbow emoji is used in its actual meaning in most cases. When people write about the sky, weather, nature or things like these, they can put rainbow emoji in their messages. Examples: β€œIt is a nice day. Rain has gone. Who wants to go out?”, β€œI like a rainbow. It has a nice look.”, β€œIt is nice to walk in the rain and see the rainbow after it has finished.”

Positive feelings

Many people like the rainbow. It reminds people positive feelings. Love, hope, happiness, enjoyment of life are some of them. When people have such feelings, they can send this emoji with their messages: β€œIt is a lovely day. I feel so happy.”, β€œI love whole life.”, β€œIt is good to be alive.”, β€œI always keep my hope positive, and I believe the future will be better.”


Just as it is considered as the symbol of, rainbow emoji is also considered as the symbol of dreams. Some people use rainbow emoji when they write about their dreams: β€œMy dream is a nice future for all of us.”, β€œI had a wonderful dream last night.”

Love of the world

Some people have humanity feelings very much. They love all the world with its people and all other things that are living. These people may use rainbow emoji in their messages to express their love of humanity and the world.

The symbol of luckThe symbol of luck

According to a myth, the rainbow is considered as the symbol of luck. That is why rainbow emoji can be thought of as the symbol of luck. Someone can send rainbow emoji with his message to wish good luck: β€œGood luck to you on your football match.”

Cartoons and children

Rainbow is seen much in cartoons as children love it. So, this emoji can be used in messages to get interested in the children and make them happy: β€œGood news for kids that there will be a new cartoon on our channel. Continue following us!”

Lgbt rights

A group of people that are called LGBT includes those who have different preferences. Rainbow has been regarded as the symbol of their rights. They take notice of equality with this symbol. So, rainbow emoji meaning might be related to the rights of these people.

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