Purple heart emoji

What is purple heart emoji meaning?

We see many heart emojis on social media and other platforms. These heart emojis can be in different colors such as red, yellow or white. Purple heart emoji is one of them. Purpleheart emoji meaning is often related to sensitiveness, understanding, compassionate love, affection, care, love between parents and children, glamor, wealth, praising, forbidden love. It is sometimes regarded as a symbol of honor. It can also have a specific meaning due to memory between a couple. Before we have a look at the meaning of purple heart emoji let’s see what purple color symbolizes.

What does purple mean?What does purple mean text with purple heart emoji

Purple is a combination of blue and red. While blue symbolizes calm stability, red symbolizes fierce energy. The most common terms that purple is related to our power, luxury, royalty, aim. Other important things include wealth, creativity, wisdom, dignity, peace, pride, independence and mystery. Moreover, the meaning of purple can be different according to its shade while light purple hues represent positive feelings and attitudes including feminine energy and delicacy, as well as romantic and nostalgic feelings, dark purple hues more likely to represent feelings of gloom, sadness, and frustration.

What does heart symbolize?What does heart symbolize text with purple heart emoji

While purple symbolizes a variety of things, heart symbolizes love, passion, care. The heart has been regarded as the symbol of life for a long time. Many articles, books, poems have been written, pictures have been drawn, songs have been composed about love. The heart has been used as the symbol of love in most of them. So, we can clearly say that purple heart emoji is sent to express love. It may be anything or anybody.

Sensitive and compassionate loveSensitive and compassionate love text with purple heart emoji

Purple heart emoji is meaning is usually related to a sensitive and compassionate love. This love is often between parents and kids. It is known very well that parents always take care of their kids. Because they are so valuable for them. Parents can send this emojis when they express their love and care for their kids. Children can also send this emoji to show their love to their parents. It is often combined with hugging face emoji: “I have just seen you got the highest mark on the exam. Well done! I am proud of you.”, “Dear son, I am so happy that you are the winner of the swimming contest.”, “My daughter is the most valuable person in my life.” If your father or mother sends you purple heart emoji, it reveals his or her love. So, you can send the same emoji to get the message and show your appreciation.

Expression of glamor and wealth

Purple heart emoji meaning is sometimes an expression of glamor and wealth. Rich and famous people including actresses, models, singers use social media too. They sometimes share pictures showing their wealth and charm. In these situations, they put purple heart emoji in their comments about these photos so that they reveal their luxury life to their fans and other people. Their followers can also leave comments including this emoji as well: “You look so charming.”, “You are so attractive with your dress.”, “The car is awesome.”

Showing outfit and luxuryShowing outfit and luxury text with purple heart emoji

Apart from celebrities, ordinary users can share their photos to show their gear. Many people like dressing very much. They follow the latest fashion trends, buy trending items and clothes. Some of them take pictures of themselves as soon as they buy new clothes and share these pictures on their profiles. They usually add purple heart emoji in their messages like these: “That is my new combination.”, “I like my new dress!”. Their friends or followers can also make comments with using this emoji: “Wow, that is so nice!”, “It fits on you. I love it.”, “It is a nice skirt.” You can put this emoji in your message if you have something that is fashionable. You can share the picture of your fashionable items or clothes and get purple heart emoji from people.
Sharing a luxury lifestyle with purple heart emoji has been the trend on social media. Many people share their luxury life including the latest model car that they bought, their charming home with luxury furniture, jewelry and more. If you have a luxury lifestyle, you can share it with this emoji as well.

The symbol of honor and sacrificeThe symbol of honor and sacrifice text with purple heart emoji

Purple heart emoji has a special meaning in the USA. This emoji has been awarded to the soldiers who were wounded or killed. That is why this emoji is regarded as the symbol of honor that is attributed to these soldiers for their sacrifice. You can also put this emoji in your message to show your respect to these people.

Forbidden loveForbidden love text with purple heart emoji

In some cases, purple heart emoji can be used as a symbol of forbidden love. This love may be between a man and lady who are both married to someone else. It may also be a secret love that is impossible to be. For example, a single person can fall in love with a married person. He can send a purple heart emoji to her to express his love. If you get this emoji from someone, he may have a secret love for you.

Specific meaning between a couple

Purple heart emoji has a secret and very special meaning in a relationship of a couple. It may be anything due to what they lived, shared, said or did. It is the symbol of their love. When they write love words, they both use this emoji. It is a secret communication between them and nobody else know the meaning. For example, a song that includes purple in its lyrics can be their favorite song. When they listen to that song, they can send a message including purple heart emoji: “I am listening to our favorite song.”

Things that are purpleThings that are purple text with purple heart emoji

Purple heart emoji can be used to express love about things that are purple. So, the color of this emoji is attributed to the color of the thing that is loved. For example, a woman buys a purple purse. She takes a picture of it and shares it on her profile. She can put this emoji in her comment: “This is my new purse. I love it.”. Her friends or followers can also add purple heart emoji to their comments: “I like your purse.”, “Wow, it is nice.” Some flowers have a purple color. For example, violet is famous for its smell as well as its color. Many women like this flower very much. When they see a picture of violet, they can add this emoji in their messages to show their interest in this flower: “It is so nice!”.

Combining purple heart emoji with purple flower emojiwith purple flower emoji text with purple heart emoji

If you have a girlfriend who loves violet, you can send her this flower with a message including a purple heart and purple flower emojis: “I love you. You are the most valuable person in my life.”

Those who like purple

Purple is a favorite color of many people. They like things that are purple. For example, they can buy anything just because it is purple. Because of that, some of those tend to prefer purple when they want to send a heart emoji to someone. The reason they send a purple heart emoji instead of a red heart may be that they like purple. If you have a lover who likes purple and you know that, you shouldn’t get surprised when you get purple heart emoji from him or her. He is showing his interest or love the way he prefers.

Those who are interested in spiritual things
Some people, especially women, are interested in things like spiritual life, fulfillment, higher self and the sacred. As purple is known to symbolize these kinds of things, people who are interested in things like spiritual life and other things can prefer purple heart emoji to express themselves. We can see these kinds of messages of them: “I believe in the spiritual life.”, “Our self is the most important thing in life.”, “Life is wonderful.”

CreativityCreativity text with purple heart emoji

It is said that purple color boosts imagination and creativity. So, we can say that those who prefer to send purple heart emoji has a creative mind and a strong imagination. If you see one of your friends sending this emoji, this may reveal his smartness and creativeness.

Spending time alone

One of the things that purple symbolizes is calmness. Some people have a calm lifestyle. They like spending time on their own rather than with other people. They can put purple heart emoji to express their status: “It is good to spend time alone. I am having rest. There is peace, calmness and they are what I like much.”

Combining with plant or animal emojiswith purple flower emoji text with purple heart emoji

If someone combines purple heart emoji with some plant or animal emojis, it can be said that he has a calm personality. He loves nature including animals and plants. Nature lovers not only love nature but also they like being in nature, feeding animals, growing plants, doing sports in nature.

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