Poop emoji

There are interesting emojis that are being sent on social media and platforms. One of these emojis is called poop that is also known as a pile of poo. Poop emoji reminds most of us shit or dirt. In this context, poop emoji meaning is related to dirty things, slang words, bad things, bad characters. In positive meaning, poop emoji is sent to make a person smile. In some cases, poop emoji can be used as an expression of passive aggression. Sometimes, it is used to fill a conversation when it is stuck. Apart from these, poo means good luck in Japanese culture. So, poop emoji may be sent to wish a person good luck.

Representing dirtRepresenting dirt text with Poop emoji

What most people remind when they see poop emoji is dirt or shit. Poop emoji can be used to represent dirt in any conversation. For example: “- More work should be done to clean the streets as there is much dirt. – Yes, you are right.”

Slang wordsSlang words text with Poop emoji

Sometimes, people write slang words due to different reasons. They can be angry, or it may be a characteristic feature. Some of them prefer to put poop emoji in their messages to cencore them in order to be more polite. In this way, their messages even seem cuter. Poop emoji can be used in these messages: “I don’t understand such a piece of sh*t. I am about to lose my mind!”, “What the f*k are you talking about?”

Insulting a personInsulting a person text with Poop emoji

If there are a different point of views between people, an argument is inevitable. Unfortunately, these arguments turn into a fight. We see in real life as well as on social media and other platforms that people were insulting each other. They write some bad words. Some of them prefer to put poop emoji in their messages not to lower much: “I really don’t understand your such kind of acts and f*king words.”, “I think you should stop talking otherwise I will sh*t your mouth.”

Bad or dirty thingsBad or dirty things text with Poop emoji

Poop emoji can be used to represent anything that is dirty: “I don’t like pigs. They are so dirty animals and they live in dirt.”, “Hey, what did you do? All your clothes are so dirty.”, “Your home is full of mess and dirt. You should clean your home immediately.”

Bad characters

Poop emoji is sometimes used to refer to bad character or behaviors of people. For example: “As far as I know him, he is so jealous, talk behind people’s back. He is also a liar.”, “You should take care of your friends. I don’t trust some of them. They can stab you in the back. You should end your friendship with them. They don’t deserve your friendship.”

Passive aggressionPassive aggression text with Poop emoji

Passive aggressive behaviors are usually hard to understand. Some of these people who show passive aggression can reveal themselves by putting poop emoji in their messages. What kind of messages do they send? They can write unexpected answers, they can be sarcastic, they can write some words that aren’t nice, and sometimes they can be so rude. For example, you are late to a meeting and you send a message to your friend to apologize and he replies in a rude way: “- Sorry, I couldn’t come on time. – It is no problem. I thought you would come at night.”

Making someone laugh

In the real context, poop emoji meaning is about saying “boo!”. The person who sends this emoji may want to make his friend laugh. It is sometimes sent if people are in a happy mood: “- Now, I want to take your attention on the screen. – Ok. – Boo! – That is funny :)”

Filling a conversation

Sometimes, a conversation can get stuck. Those who are texting don’t find anything to write. In this situation, poop emoji can be sent to fill the conversation as well as change the subject in a fun way. “- Haha, it is funny. So, how is your life at the university?”

Good luck

The meaning of poo is good luck in Japanese culture. That is why poop emoji may be sent to wish good luck to a person. It can be used in such a dialogue: “- I will have a Math exam tomorrow. – Good luck to you.”

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