Pink flower emoji

What is pink flower emoji meaning?

Flower emojis are beautiful, and that is why people like sending them. The pink flower that is also known as cherry blossom is one of the most preferred flower emojis. Although its name is cherry blossom, it is called pink flower because of its color. Pink flower emoji meaning is often about flower, spring, beauty, and felt like care, sensitiveness. Besides, cherry blossom is very popular in Japan. So, this emoji can be put in any text that is about Japan or Japanese culture.

FlowerFlower text with Pink flower emoji

In its direct meaning, pink flower emoji can be added into any text that is about the flower. It may be about the interest of flowers or anything else.


Pink flower emoji meaning can be associated with spring. As it is known, many flowers bud in this season. We start to see many flowers in different colors so that nature looks colorful. For many people, the flower is one of the symbols of the spring. In this context, pink flower emoji can be used in any text to represent spring: “I love spring. It is lovely to see colorful flowers and nature.”

BeautyBeauty text with Pink flower emoji

Just as flowers are known as the symbol of the beauty, pink flower is considered one of the symbols of the beauty. Pink flower emoji can be put in a text message to symbolize it. For example, it can be sent to a girl to imply that she is beautiful: “You are as beautiful as this flower.”. A girl can make a compliment to herself with this emoji as well: “I like feeling confident. I am beautiful and attractive. That makes me happy.”

Compassion and sensitiveness

As there are different flowers, every flower has a different meaning. While the rose is considered as the symbol of passionate love, pink blossom is more likely to represent feelings like compassion and sensitiveness. For example, a mother’s love for her child or a child’s love for his parents is compassionate love. The love between brothers and sisters, students and teachers are the same. These people can send pink flower emoji to each other to express their compassionate love. They are always together and support each other.

Sensitiveness is another feeling that can be expressed by pink flower emoji. Some people have a sensitive character. They love all things. They don’t want to hurt anyone. But it is easy to hurt them. This character trait is sometimes attributed to the meaning of this emoji.

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