Pig emoji

Different emojis are being used while texting and one of them is a pig. Pig is a mammal that lives in mud, and it is known as a dirty animal. In this context, pig emoji meaning is often associated with dirt and also bad behaviors. In some cases, it is used to insult a person. In its direct meaning, pig emoji can be used to refer to the actual animal. Pig is one of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

DirtPig emoji Dirt

Pig emoji is usually put in text messages to represent dirt. It can be a place, person, meal or something else. For example: “This place is so dirty.”, “That meal doesn’t look nice.”, “Your room is so dirty. You should clean it.” When people see something that is disgusting, they can send a comment including this emoji: “This is disgusting!”, “That is so bad”

Unpleasant behaviors

Pig emoji meaning can be attributed to unpleasant behaviors or character traits. For example: “You should be more polite to the people.”, “The thing you did was so rude.” It can be sent to a person to insult him: “You are such a pig!”


Pig emoji can be added into any text to refer to any pig. It may be someone who likes pigs, a person who has a farm and pigs. When it is used in its direct meaning, it can represent a zoo as well: “We will go to the zoo tomorrow and see pigs there.”

MealPig emoji meal

In some cultures, pork meat is so popular. So, pig emoji meaning can refer to the meat or a meal that is made of pork meat: “This evening, we are going to the restaurant to have pork meat. Do you want to come?”, “Pork meat is delicious.”

Combining with other emojis

Pig emoji can be combined with other emojis. In this case, we can get different meanings. Combining with a knife, man and cow emojis is meant to say “butcher.” When it is combined with other emojis such as goat, cow, it represents a farm.

Chinese Zodiac

Pig is one of the twelve animals included in the Chinese zodiac. In this concept, pig emoji meaning refers to the Chinese Zodiac.


Although pig is known as a dirty animal, it is a cute character that is shown in comics. Children like watching them very much. So, pig emoji can be used in a text to refer to a cartoon.

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