Orange heart emoji meaning

Orange heart emoji meaning and using

There are some many emojis in different colors that are used in social media. One of them is an orange heart. Orange heart emoji meaning is considered as the symbol of love, warmth, pleasure, sunshine, creativity, and success. According to a thought, an orange heart is a combination of red and yellow heart.

Combining two hearts

If it is thought as the combination of two hearts, orange heart emoji meaning can be regarded as the symbol of passionate love as well as a good friendship. If your lover sends you this emoji, he means that you are not only lovers but also good and close friends.

Things that are orange


Orange heart emoji meaning can be related to expressing love to those who have an orange color. It may be orange fruit, a home which is painted orange, orange bag or anything else. For example, a woman sees a photo of an orange bag and she likes it very much. She can write something like that: “What a lovely bag!” She can put orange heart emoji at the end of her message.


Orange symbolizes sunshine. Orange heart emoji meaning can be related to a sunny day: “It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining.”

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