New emoji meanings

What are the new emojis meanings?

While there are already many emojis that are being sent by people, new emojis will be added to ios and Macos platforms. iPhone and iPad users will have these new emojis with ios 12.1, and Macos users will have these on the next update. There are many kinds of new emojis that have been added. Character emojis include red hair, gray hair, curly hair, new emoji for bald people and more smiley emojis. New sports emoji include softball, frisbee, and lacrosse. There are also new emojis for travelers. These emojis include luggage, compass and hiking boot. We see new emojis in animal emojis. These are llama, mosquito, swan, raccoon, kangaroo, lobster, parrot and peacock. There are some exciting emojis such as mythical characters.

Now, let’s see what these new emojis mean:

New hair emoji meanings

Red hair emoji meaningRed hair emoji

That is one of the new hair emojis. This emoji takes attention with its red color. Those who dye their hair red can use this emoji in their text messages. Red is a favorite hair color of many women and especially teenage girls. They sometimes dye their hairs red and want to get interested.

Red is known as a hot color. Red hair makes girls look hot and attractive. That is why they prefer red hair when they want to look beautiful.

Gray hair emoji meaningGray hair emoji

Gray hair is one of the new hair emojis. As it is known, gray is not a typical hair color, and this will make many users feel surprised. As it is interesting, a lot of people will prefer gray hair emoji.

Gray hair emoji can be used in jokes like these to have fun: “Hey, your hair looks like this.”, “I thought that it is a good idea to dye my hair gray. Haha.”, “You should have a new hairstyle like this.”

Bald emoji meaning

There are lots of emoji characters with different hairstyles and colors. We see that bald people weren’t forgotten and there is a new emoji for them. They can use this emoji to express their style.

Baldness is a special symbol and appearance of some famous people. Bald emoji can be put in a text message while writing something about them.

Sometimes people cut all their hair. When they do that, they look like balds. They may want to have this style for a while, and they can use this emoji while they are writing something about their new style: “That is my new hairstyle.”, “I have my haircut”, “I like my new hairstyle.”

Softball emoji meaningSoftball emoji

Softball is one of the new sports emojis on ios and Macos. As it is known softball is very similar to baseball. Those who are interested in sports and especially softball will like this emoji very much. They can use this emoji when they share something about softball: “Today I am going to play softball.”, “Our school’s softball team has won the contest.”, “Today there is a softball match on TV.”, “I like softball very much.”

Frisbee emoji meaning

Frisbee is a favorite sport of many people. Especially children and teenagers play it very much. Frisbee can be performed in the street, and also some people play it at the beach or sea. They have fun while they are playing it. So, frisbee emoji meaning can be related to the actual game as well as it can be used for fun. In some cases, this emoji can be used as a synonym for throwing.

When it is combined with sun, sunglasses emojis frisbee emoji is meant to say playing frisbee at the beach. When this emoji is combined with something, it is regarded as throwing that object. For example, frisbee and wastebasket emojis are sent together: “It is cleaning time. I am throwing all waste at home.”

Lacrosse emoji meaning

Lacrosse emoji

Lacrosse is another enjoyable game which is played with two teams. Similar to football, the player tries to put the ball into the goalpost. Lacrosse emoji is one of the new sports emojis. Those who are interested in lacrosse will like it very much. 

This emoji can be used in any subject that is about lacrosse. It can be used in these messages: “There will be a lacrosse tournament, and I hope we will win.”, “It is delightful to see a lacrosse game on TV.”, “Who wants to come to play lacrosse?”

Luggage emoji meaningLuggage emoji

There are new travel emojis, and luggage emoji is one of them. We think that this emoji will be liked by most travelers. We are already used to see pictures of them including their passports, luggage, travel clothes on their profiles. From now on, we can see many posts like these including this emoji on social media: “Everything is ready for the trip. Let’s have fun!”, “I have prepared my luggage. It is time to travel.” It can be about a dream of the holiday as well: “My next destination is probably China.”

However, luggage emoji can be used in a negative context. It can be used in a goodbye message: “I prepared my all stuff. I am leaving home. Goodbye.” But, we guess it will not be used in a negative context so much.

Compass emoji meaningCompass emoji

Compass is another material that some outdoor lovers use. Those who venture to the unknown places that nobody goes may need compass during their journey. So, they can put this emoji in their messages to imply their mission: “It is time to venture. Exciting moments are waiting for me.”, “Who wants to come to the forest”, “I like exploring the wildlife.”

Compass emoji can be used in a fun way. For example, it can be put in a reply message when someone asks a question like that: “I have lost my way.”. It can be used in such a dialogue: “- I have lost my way. Can you help me? – Use a compass.” However, that kind of attitude includes teasing. So, you should be careful when you respond to this question in a non-serious way.

Compass is also a term related to marine. When it is combined with some emojis that are about the sea, compass emoji meaning can be attributed to sea. Captains or those who will go sailing can put compass emoji in their messages: “So, a new journey begins.”, “It is time to go sailing.”

Hiking boot emoji meaningHiking boot emoji

Although it wasn’t so popular in the past, hiking is very popular today. Especially young people, teenagers do hiking in the streets. It is a sport and also fun for them. They can use hiking boot emoji while they are texting: “Hey, we will go to hiking. Would you like to come?”, “Prepare your hiking boots. We will have fun.”. A teenager can take his photo while he is doing hiking and share it on his profile. Then, he can add a comment including this emoji: “Hiking is great!”

New animal emoji meanings

Llama emoji meaningLlama emoji

Llama is a cute animal. Although we don’t see it in the streets, we can see it at the zoo or in wildlife. It looks pretty sweet. However, it can be dangerous. Of course, many people like this animal. That may be the reason why it has been added as a new emoji. So, it can be used in any subject that is about the actual llama. For example, a group of people go to the zoo, one of them see a llama. He can take pictures of it and upload it to social media.

Apart from its actual meaning, llama emoji can be sent to give a subtle message as well. As we said, it is a cute animal, but it can be dangerous when we get closer. So, the person can send with this kind of message to imply it: “It is true that I am a nice person. However, I can be dangerous like a llama if I get hurt.”

Mosquito emoji meaningMosquito emoji

Mosquito is one of the interesting ones among the new emojis. You may be confused that why it has been added as a new emoji as a mosquito is not liked. According to our opinion, it has been added to put instead of writing mosquito. For example: “It wasn’t a comfortable night. There were a lot of mosquitos.” Apart from that, those who want to give negative expressions or ideas. Mosquito emoji can be put in messages while writing about those who aren’t liked: “I don’t like him. He is not a good person.”, “I think you should talk to your friend. His behavior is not nice. He always talks behind people’s back.”

Raccoon emoji meaningMosquito emoji

The raccoon is an animal that we don’t see in the streets. Just as we see llama at the zoo or in wildlife, we see raccoons in these places. Raccoon emoji can be used to imply the actual animal. Moreover, raccoons are pretty animals. So, the cuteness of these animals can be attributed to the meaning of this emoji. When we see something cute, we can put this emoji in our message.

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