Nail polish emoji

Nail polish emoji meaning and using

Some emojis are preferred by women very much. One of those emojis is nail polish. Nail polish emoji meaning is often related to beauty, self-care, femininity, self-confidence.

Beauty and femininity

Nail polish emoji and Beauty and femininity text

Women express their beauty in different ways. They take photos of themselves and share them on their profiles. They also add comments. This emoji is one of those emojis that they can put in their comments. In this way, they want to say things like “I am very beautiful”, “I am here.” The woman who has this attitude knows herself very well, she likes herself and she is confident. So, we can regard nail polish emoji meaning as the expression of beauty and also self-confidence.

Subtle message for guys

Nail polish emoji and Subtle message for guys text

Nail polish emoji meaning may be a subtle message for guys from girls. If you get this emoji from a girl, she may like you and wants to take your interest. If you are interested too, you can make a step. Sometimes this emoji can be used to say “I polished my nails, got dressed, did my makeup and I am ready for the party.” The girl who uses this emoji may be looking for someone to accompany. You should hurry if you want to be her partner as someone may act quicker than you.

Making compliments

Nail polish emoji and Making compliments text

Guys can also put this emoji in their text messages to make compliments to the girls. It is a way of saying “You are beautiful” or “You look so good.”

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