Moon face emoji meaning

What is moon face emoji meaning?

There are interesting emojis that are being used by people. One of these interesting emojis is moon face. Moon face emoji meaning is related to flirting context as well as it is regarded as being cheeky.

Offering romantic moments

Some guys offer romantic moments not in a direct way. They imply it by using different expressions and symbols. Some of them prefer to invite for hot moments with this emoji. Girls who get this emoji from guys should think that moon face emoji meaning is about offering it. Especially if they are asked if they are free at night or they are invited to the home for the evening, the guy may be thinking of it.

Romantic Jokes

Especially teenagers make jokes in relationships. Guys can write things like that: “Baby are you free tonight?” “I will make you crazy tonight.” “Let’s meet and have fun.” If he puts this emoji at the end of these messages, moon face emoji meaning is about romantic jokes.

Being cheekyBeing cheeky

Sometimes people can be cheeky. They may act interestingly. They do the same acts while texting. They can write strange words just because they want to do. In these situations, people can prefer this emoji. For example, you are texting with your friend. If you think he is writing strange things, he is being cheeky and puts this emoji; moon face emoji meaning is because of his mood. In this case, you can respond in the same way and send a moon face emoji.

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