Moon emoji

Moon emojis are very popular, and they are being sent to the users in private messages as well as they are being used on social media. Moon emoji meaning can be different according to the type of the moon. Dark moon emoji is often used to imply romantic meaning. As it appears at night, crescent moon emoji can be used while writing things about darkness, night and also romance. The meaning of full moon emoji is often regarded as having a slightly creepy face.

Texting and Flirting

Dark moon emoji meaning is usually regarded as offering to spend romantic moments or making a joke. So, it can be used in both flirting and texting: “Hey baby, are you free tonight?”, “I want you tonight.”, “I am free at home this evening. How about spending a beautiful evening together?”.

Things About Night

Crescent moon emoji meaning is often related to things that are about the night. Some people like going out at night, walking under the moonlight. These people put this emoji in their texts. They also invite other people to go out at night: “There is a beautiful moon. That would be nice to walk under the moonlight. Would you like to join me?”.

Night Persons

Some people are called “night persons”. They like staying at late times, spend their times with different activities instead of sleeping. We see that these people use moon emoji as a symbol of their lifestyles: “It is late time, and I am watching an exciting movie.”.


Crescent moon emoji meaning is also regarded as romance. It has been used as a symbol of love and romance in many movies and books up to now. Because of that, crescent moon emoji can be used as an expression of love. Someone can put this emoji in his message with romantic words: “I am imagining us walking under the moonlight. It is a nice and calm night. There is nobody around, just me and you.”

Creepy Face

Full moon emoji meaning is regarded as a scary face. So, it is often used to express dislike or discomfort about something. If you got this emoji from someone, that might be because of something you wrote. He may not like what you said: “- Can I give back the money I borrowed from you a month later? – One month is too much.”. People also use this emoji while they are writing about negative ideas.

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