Monocle emoji meaning

Monocle emoji meaning and using

Monocle emoji is one of the exciting emojis that we see on the internet. As it can be considered as the upper-class version of the thinking emoji, monocle emoji meaning can be regarded as the person who sends this emoji is thinking. It can also be considered as imagining something.

Thinking of something

Monocle emoji

Thinking emoji is very common and its meaning is understood easily. Monocle emoji meaning can be thought as similar to it. When someone sends this emoji, he may not understand what has been said. For example, you are texting with your friend and get this emoji. That means you said something that wasn’t understood by your friend clearly. In this case, you should make a more clear explanation.

Writing About Deep Issues

Writing About Deep Issues

Sometimes people make conversations that make them think deeply about the issue. For example, history, philosophers, art, culture, religion are some deep and important issues. When someone asks a question and you don’t have enough knowledge about the issue, you can use this emoji: “- Do you know the importance of the Renaissance? – I don’t have enough knowledge about that.” It can be about music: “- I love Mozart very much. Do you love him too? –Let me think. I don’t know him as I don’t listen to classical music.” In these situations, monocle emoji meaning is regarded as saying we don’t know the issue.

Desire for something

Monocle emoji meaning is related to the desire of something. You can use this emoji to express your wishes. For example, a girl can combine this emoji with a dancing girl so that she can express her desire for dance. Maybe, she can find someone to accompany. Someone can combine monocle emoji with sun or sea emojis. He can show his desire of holiday, and he can find someone to spend a holiday.

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