Monkey emoji meaning

We can see many people who use colorful and different kinds of emojis while they are texting. Of course, all these emojis have meanings. For example, monkey emoji is one of the most used emojis and monkey emoji meaning is considered as someone feels embarrassed or surprised. Although it is used in these kinds of situations, monkey emoji meaning generally refers to the idiom which is known as “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

Feeling Embarrassed

Monkey emoji

A typical usage of this emoji is that when someone feels embarrassed. Sometimes we find ourselves in these kinds of moments. We say something that we actually didn’t want to say by mistake or our words can be misunderstood. In these kinds of situations, we even cover our eyes with our hands. As the monkey is covering his eyes just as we do, this emoji is used in such situations. For example, two friends are texting and one of them is complaining about their mutual friend, and he read what it was written about him.” It can be used in such a dialogue:

“-Unfortunately, Mary read what you wrote about her.

  • What? How could it be?
  • She saw it while I was looking at my phone.”

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil


Although it is used when someone feels embarrassed, monkey emoji meaning is actually related with the expression of this idiom. When someone wants to say that “I didn’t see,” he can use this emoji as a symbolization. For example, it can be used in such an expression: “All the things that you talked about Maria last night will be between you and her. I didn’t see you while talking and I don’t want to be part of this issue.” As it is related with the idiom, that is why there is also two monkey emojis. One of them is covering his mouth, and the other one is covering his ears. If someone wants to say that “I didn’t hear,” he can use the one who is covering his ears.

Girls Use It Much


As these kinds of conversations, gossips are mostly made by girls; they use it a lot. That is why guys may not know monkey emoji meaning as they don’t gossip as much as girls do. If your girlfriend uses this emoji, she might be talking about gossips around her.

Talking About Monkeys

Of course, there is no rule that monkey emoji meaning is related to complicated issues that we explained above. It might be about monkeys as well. That would be appropriate to use this emoji if the subject of the conversation is a monkey. For example, it can be used at the end of a sentence like that: “I love monkeys very much.” Many people love nature, animals, and plants. Some of them especially love monkeys as they are cute animals. Sometimes we can see their messages including this emoji as they love monkeys. They also share monkey images and write comments including this emoji.


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