monkey covering eyes emoji meaning

Monkey covering eyes emoji meaning and using

Different kinds of colorful and interesting emojis can be used while texting on the internet. One of those exciting emojis is monkey covering eyes emoji. Monkey covering eyes emoji meaning is generally about feeling shy, embarrassed or surprised. And it is also used when someone wants to say “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

Feeling Shy

Feeling Shy

Sometimes people say words that make them feel shy and embarrassed. In these kinds of situations, they regret saying those words and they even cover their eyes. Because of that, monkey covering eyes emoji meaning is about this action. If someone writes something that is strange, he may feel shy or embarrassed when he realizes what he wrote. So he can send this emoji.

Feeling Surprised

People can send this emoji when they feel surprised. Especially girls use this emoji very much. When a girl gets a compliment from someone, she can feel surprised if she didn’t expect that compliment. If you got this emoji from a girl after you make a compliment to her, she might feel surprised.

However, she may send this emoji to say “I wish I didn’t see these words.”. So, she may feel uncomfortable with what you wrote. You should consider this as well. In this case, monkey covering eyes emoji meaning may be that she feels surprised and satisfied as well as she feels uncomfortable. You can simply understand this from her reaction.

“I Don’t Know What to Say”

“I Don’t Know What to Say”

Monkey covering eyes emoji meaning is also regarded as saying “I don’t know what to say”. Sometimes we can’t find anything to write to the messages we get due to any reason. In these kinds of circumstances, especially girls can use this emoji. You should understand that she couldn’t find anything to reply to your message.

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