Meh emoji meaning

As it is widely known, people express their feelings by using different emojis. These emojis include various kinds of emotions. Meh emoji is one of the most preferred emojis. Meh emoji meaning (also known as an unamused face) is generally regarded as dissatisfaction or saying “I’m not interested.”

“I am not satisfied.”

Meh emoji is a way of expressing dissatisfaction. For example, you are texting with your friend about the last picnic you went together. You write that it was so good and enjoyable. However, he can respond with this emoji. Meh emoji meaning is about he didn’t like the picnic much due to any reason.

“I don’t care.”

Meh emoji is often used to say that the person doesn’t care. It can be about anything. For example, you are texting with your friend, and you are writing about the latest Star Wars movie. You invite your friend to go to the cinema with him. If he replies with this emoji, meh emoji meaning is that he doesn’t care Star Wars series. Girls also use this very much. They usually ask their opinions about their new boyfriends with each other. If a girl gets a reply from her friend including this emoji, that means she doesn’t like her new boyfriend.

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