Lollipop emoji

What is lollipop emoji meaning?

There are very cute emojis that are sent and most people like these emojis. For example, the lollipop is liked by many people. It is known that especially children like this very much. So, lollipop emoji meaning is often about childhood and some character features such as innocence, sweetness, playfulness that are attributed to youth. In some cases, this emoji is used to represent desserts and pleasure. It is also used in the text to say things like that: “Do you want to lick it?”

Expression of childhoodExpression of childhood

When we see a lollipop, childhood comes to our minds. It is almost regarded as the symbol of childhood. So, we can see this emoji to represent children and childhood in texts: “I used to like a lollipop when I was a child.”, “Most people miss their childhoods.”, “We will go to a funfair and we will have fun very much.”, “Hey, kids are you ready for the party?”

Innocence and pure feelings

Lollipop emoji meaning can be regarded as innocence and pure feelings. For example, it is sent to a girl to make a compliment: “I love you so much as I think you are innocent and you have pure feelings.”


Lollipop emoji can be about expressing delight. When a person does something good, he can get this emoji with a message like that: “Thank you. That is very kind of you.”


Those who like foods and desserts can sometimes put this emoji in their messages: “Today, I would like to have a dessert.”, “Can you make me a dessert?”.


Lollipop is very pleasant and tasty. So, lollipop emoji meaning can be attributed to delicious and tasty foods: “This food is so delicious.”

Romantic texting

Lollipop emoji is sometimes used in texting. If someone sends this emoji, he probably wants to say something like that: “I can give you something that you can lick.”

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