lock emoji meaning

Many kinds of emojis are being used on social media. As we see them in almost every message, people like to use them. Lock emoji is one of that colorful emojis. Curious people may wonder lock emoji meaning. Lock emoji meaning may be different according to the situation while writing.

Locked Doors

As everybody guesses at first, lock emoji meaning is related to the locked doors or gates.

lock emoji

While you are texting with your friend, he may send this emoji to you if your conversation about the locked door. He may send this emoji while he is writing that he forgot to lock the door after he left home. Another example is that lock emoji may be transmitted while writing about the importance of locking the doors.

Symbol of security

Internet privacy and security has been one of the essential topics in recent times. Lock emoji meaning is also regarded as the symbol of security. We can see lock symbol near the address of some websites. That means the website is secure. In this case, you can send your personal information including credit card number, etc. to the website that will be kept in safe. Some people can write this emoji while writing about internet privacy and security.

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