Lock and key emoji

What is lock and key emoji meaning?

Many kinds of emojis are being used and one of them is lock and key emoji. Seeming with locked and key, lock and key emoji meaning is often regarded as security issues in real life as well as on the internet.

Security in lifeSecurity in life

Lock and key emoji meaning can be used all issues related to security in life. For example, this emoji can be used in a dialogue between a married couple: “-Are you coming? – Yes, I am on my way. – Good. Did you lock the door? – Yes, of course.”

Security on the internet

Lock and key emoji meaning are about security issues related to the internet. Safety has been important very much. Because many people and companies have lost significant amounts of money because of the lack of security. So, they use antivirus and firewalls to cope with this problem. If the conversation is about computer and internet security, people may use this emoji in their messages.Security on internet

Child security is also vital on the internet. There are some websites which have harmful content for children. Because of that, these kinds of websites need to be filtered. Lock and key emoji meaning can be related to this issue. When people write their messages about the security of children on the internet, they can use this emoji.

Combining with heart emoji

This emoji can be combined with heart emoji so that the person may want to say that his heart is locked. If someone has just ended a relationship, he doesn’t want to have a new relationship for a while. He continues his life alone and waits for forgetting his last relationship for a while. If you see a girl using this emoji with heart emoji, lock and key emoji meaning is that she doesn’t want to love someone for a while.

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