Lemon emoji meaning

Nowadays we see many people who use fruit emojis in their messages. Some of them use lemon emoji very much. Lemon emoji meaning may be different according to the purpose of using that it may be lemon, lemonade, sourness and those who are crybabies.

Lemon and Lemonade

Lemon and Lemonade text

As it can be understood simply, lemon emoji meaning may be directly about lemon or lemonade. Many people like this fruit very much. Some of them like drinking lemonade. We can see their photos including a glass of lemonade that they prepared. They also write comments about these photos including this emoji. So, this emoji may be put in any expression that is about lemon or lemonade. For example: “Today I am so thirsty and I want to drink a glass of lemonade.”

Expressing sourness

Expressing sourness text and lemon emoji

As the lemon has a sour taste, lemon emoji meaning is sometimes regarded as the expression of sourness. We can see this emoji in these kinds of messages: “Nowadays, she is sour.” “Our relationship has been sour in recent times.”


Crybabies text and lemon emoji

Lemon emoji meaning is also about those who are called crybabies. They don’t treat other people the way they deserve: “I have problems with my girlfriend as she is such a crybaby.”

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