Hugging face emoji with hugging face emoji

What is hugging face emoji meaning?

Smiley emojis are being used so much while texting. There are different smiley emojis. One of them is called hugging face. It looks like smiley emoji at first. However, it shows a face with open hands so that it has a look as if it is hugging. Hugging face emoji meaning is usually used in its actual meaning, hugging. It can be used to represent hugging for any case including support, comfort, calming down, happiness or love. In some cases, this emoji is used to express the love of the whole world and humanity. Apart from that, it is used by some people to say “hello” or “goodbye”. According to general thought, hugging face emoji meaning represent positive feelings and attitude. You shouldn’t think contrary when someone sends you this emoji.

Hugging for different casesHugging for different cases text with hugging face emoji

Hugging face emoji can be sent to hug someone for any purpose. For example, he can send hugging face emoji to honor someone: “I have just heard that you have been the winner of the contest. Congratulations!”. This emoji can be sent to someone to show support: “I want you to know that you are my best friend and I am always near you.”. If someone feels worried about any issue, hugging face emoji can be sent to calm down him: “I understand your concerns, but you need to be patient. I believe that everything will be all right.” Hugging face emoji can be regarded as the symbol of love as well. Because people hug those who they love. This emoji can be used in love messages: “I love you so much.” As it looks like smiley emoji, hugging face emoji is usually used to express happiness: “I just got your gift. Thank you so much!”, “My journey starts tomorrow and I am so excited!”


Just as hugging face emoji is used to express love, it is used in flirting. Many people meet on dating platforms and start texting online. While they are texting, they use some emojis. Hugging face emoji is one of those emojis that they use to show their interest.

Love of the world and humanity

Some people love the whole the world and living things. They love being part of the world as a human. They are peaceful and happy. These people can express their humanistic feelings with hugging face emoji: “Life is beautiful!”

Saying “hello” or “Goodbye.”Saying “hello” or “Goodbye”

Hugging face emoji can sometimes be used with “hello” or “goodbye” The reason is that some people hug each other when they meet or leave. This emoji is the expression of their act in texting.

Positive feelings and attitude

Consequently, we can say that hugging face emoji can be related to positive feelings or mood. If you got this emoji from someone, he is thinking good about you. You may be good friends or lovers. This emoji can be proof that he worths you. You can send him the same emoji as a response so that you want to say that you have the same feelings for him or her.

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