Hibiscus emoji

Hibiscus emoji meaning and using

Different kinds of colorful flower emojis are being used today. Although it is not preferred as much as other emojis, Hibiscus is also used by some people. Like other flower emojis, Hibiscus emoji meaning is often related to love, beauty, nature, and gardening.

Expression of love

Expression of love text and hibiscus emoji

Hibiscus emoji meaning is regarded as the expression of love. When you want to express your feelings to someone you love, you can send this emoji as well as rose.


Hibiscus is a beautiful and big flower with its pink or red color. As this flower is gorgeous and feminine, Hibiscus emoji meaning is regarded as the symbol of beauty. Girls or women can use this emoji in their comments about their photos so that they give a message to everyone that they are beautiful and unique. They also express their femininity by using this emoji. Guys can send this emoji to the girls who they are interested in. In this way, they want to say that she is gorgeous and feminine.

Nature and gardening

Nature and gardening text and hibiscus emoji

Those who are interested in nature and gardening can prefer this emoji in their messages. If they grow hibiscus in their garden, they can share its photos and use this emoji with the picture.

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