heart with arrow emoji meaning

What is the heart with arrow emoji meaning?

As it is commonly known, the heart has been considered as the symbol of love since the old times. Today, it continues its meaning. Being aware of that, developers created different kinds of heart emojis to let people use them on social media. Heart with arrow emoji is one of the most preferred heart emojis and many people wonder heart with arrow emoji meaning.

The first thing that comes to people’s mind when they see this emoji is that a heart is shooting the other with an arrow. So, we can say heart with arrow emoji meaning is a person has fallen in love with someone. As it is unknown who has fallen in love, there are two possibilities. If you see this emoji in somewhere, heart with arrow emoji meaning may be that someone has fallen in love or someone loves him.

heart with arrow emoji


Heart with arrow symbol comes from the mythology. Cupid, known as the god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection send its arrow to a male and female. When this happens, they fall in love with each other and be lovers. According to the mythology, Cupid may be around you if you got this emoji from someone. Someone might have fallen in love with you. So heart with arrow emoji meaning is that you may have a romantic relationship soon.

You can also send this emoji to someone you like so that you can give a clue about your feelings to him or her.

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