Heart emoji meanings

Many emojis are being sent on social media. Heart emoji is one of the most preferred ones. A heart is often considered as the symbol of love. However, there is some heart emojis in different colors. So, heart emoji meanings can be varied according to its color and shape.

The most preferred heart emojis include red, yellow, blue, green, black, white and broken heart emojis. Red heart emoji is one of the most used heart emojis. Its meaning is often related to love, valentine’s day and romantic relationships. The meaning of yellow heart emoji is often considered as a good friendship, joyful life, the happiness of living a life. Green heart emoji is mostly used for expressing growth and renewal. Black heart is usually sent to express pessimistic feelings such as hurt or sadness. The meaning of blue heart emoji is understood as the expression of deep feelings because its color reminds oceans and seas.

Red heart emoji meaningred heart emoji

Red is known as the original color of the heart. That is why it is the most sent heart emoji when compared to other heart emojis. A red heart is the symbol of passionate love, romance, valentine’s day. It is used a lot when someone expresses his devotion to his loved one. Red heart emoji is also used a lot while flirting. When people meet, they start to tease, and it is common to send heart emoji during flirting.

Things that people love

Things that people love

Most people put heart emoji in their messages to express their love to anything or anyone. This may be an animal, flower, dress or anything else. For example, a person loves cats. When he sees a picture of a cat, he can send this emoji with his message: “That is so cute!”, “What a lovely cat.”. Sometimes, heart emoji is used to say interest. For example, a lady wears a nice dress, takes her photo and shares it on her profile. Her friends can send comments with heart emoji: “You are so beautiful with your dress.”, “I like your new dress.” or “Wow, it is wonderful, and it fits on you.”

Valentine’s day

Red heart has been known as the symbol of valentine’s day for a long time. Lovers do different activities on these days. They go to dinner, a concert or cinema to celebrate it together. They often buy gifts for each other. If they are away, they send gifts or flowers. The heart symbol is usually added to the notes that are attached to the present. Red heart emoji can be sent with a message something like that: “I love you so much.” Companies that produce products that are bought as gifts also use heart symbol in their advertisements to promote their products. We usually see this kind of statements in these advertisements: “Make your lover happy with this gift.”

Celebration of anniversary

Celebrations of anniversaries are every day in romantic relationships. The celebration of the first meeting, wedding, engagement. Lovers usually celebrate these anniversaries to strengthen their love. Gifts are bought, love words are said. Red heart emoji is used a lot in these messages: “This is the second year of our first meeting. I am so happy to know you and I love you so much.”

Yellow heart emoji meaningYellow Heart Emoji

While the red heart is commonly understood as the symbol of passionate love, yellow heart emoji is more likely to be regarded as the symbol of a good friendship, sincereness, joy and happiness of living life.

Good Friendship

Some friendships are very close and sincere. Close friends are very open in their relationships. They love each other very much. They always back up each other. They usually prefer to send yellow heart emoji to express their good friendship: “You are my best friend and ensure that I am always near you. I will always support you.”, “I believe you honestly. I know you are such a sincere and trustable friend. I am happy to have a best friend like you.”

Those who enjoy life

Some people enjoy every moment they have. They like living their lives very much. That is why they are pleased. There are many things that they like doing. These people use yellow heart emoji to express that life is joyful: “I like living my life.”, “It is a beautiful life. I am so happy to be alive.”, “I enjoy every moment that I live.”

Expression of sincere love

In some relationships, there is sincere love more than romantic or passionate love between couples. They love each other so much. But it is not like that we see on movies or series. They love each other just because of who they are. Nothing more. They are so close, sincere and sometimes can be very romantic as well. They send yellow heart emoji to express the sincereness of their love.

Green heart emoji meaningGreen heart emoji

The meaning of green heart emoji is usually regarded as growth, renewal, and improvement. Sometimes it is used to express the love of nature.

Growth and renewal

Growth is progress that lasts during life. Regeneration occurs after a while. It is often expected to happen positively.  For example, someone who has psychological problems can heal and be a better and happy person after therapy.  These people can put green heart emoji in their expressions: “After some time, I feel better and happy. It is good to be a part of life.”. For example, a woman who wants to lose weight and she starts to go to the gym. After for a while, she can share the result on her profile: “I am so happy that I managed to lose 2 kilograms.”, “Here is the result of the two months of body exercise.”

The love of nature

Green heart emoji can be used as an expression of the love of nature. Some people who love quality prefer this emoji because of its color to express their love of life in their messages. “Nature is great.”, “I love walking in the forest.”, “I feel so happy in nature.”

Black heart emoji meaningBlack Heart Emoji

Although heart emoji is often sent to express positive feelings, black heart emoji meaning is usually preferred to reveal pessimistic feelings or ideas. These feelings or ideas may include sadness, disappointment, hate, dislike, depression and more.


Black heart emoji can be put in a message when someone feels disappointed: “I wouldn’t expect this behavior from you. You made me disappointed.”, “I studied hard and expected a high mark. However, I couldn’t get what I expected. I am so disappointed.”

Expressing sadness

Black heart emoji can be sent when someone feels upset or sad. The black color is often regarded as negative emotions or ideas. That is because people usually prefer to put black heart emoji in their text messages. Sadness may be because of anything, and it can be expressed in these messages: “I feel lonely. I feel sad.”, “- You look sad. What happened? – I lost the game.”, “My girlfriend left me.”. People may send black heart emoji because they are broken: “You broke my heart.”


Sometimes people feel depressed. One of the symbols of depression is black in color. So, people may add black heart emoji in their text messages when they are depressed: “I feel depressed as I have just broken up with my girlfriend.”, “I argued with my dad. I feel depressed.”

Blue heart emoji meaningBlue heart emoji

Blue heart emoji is also used much by many people. Blue color reminds most people seas, oceans and sky. As they are buried, blue heart emoji is sent to express deep feelings. When you get blue heart emoji from one of your friends, he may want to imply that he has deep feelings for you. Maybe he has fallen in love, or he loves you. His opinions can be about your friendship as well. He likes you very much as a friend. These messages may include blue heart emoji: “I want you to know that I have deep feelings for you.”, “We have a good friendship. I love you so much. You are an excellent friend. I hope we stay good friends during our lives.”

Those who do water sports

As its color is the color of seas and oceans, those who do water sports prefer to put blue heart emoji in their messages. You can see this emoji in these statements: ”It is a good day to go skiing.”, “I love swimming.”, “Summer is coming. I will do windsurfing.”

Love of sky and seaHeart emojis

Many people love the sea and air — those who like sunbathing love both of them. Blue heart emoji can be combined with sunglasses emoji to express sunbathing: “I am at the beach. It is a shiny day. Sunbathing is great.”

Broken heart emoji meaning

We see a broken heart emoji with a broken heart symbol. As can be understood from its look, it is sent when a person is broken: “You broke my heart.”

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