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We see different hand emoji on social media and other platforms as many people prefer these. As every hand emoji is used for expressing different things, hand emoji meanings may vary according to the emoji that is being used.

  • Writing hand emoji means the person is writing something.
  • Raised hand is used to say stop or something like that.
  • Victory hand is the symbol of peace and victory.
  • The meaning of open hands is often regarded as openness or hug.
  • Clapping hands are used while congratulating a person or celebrating something.
  • Waving hand is often meant to say β€œhello” or β€œgoodbye.” The meaning of hand with fingers splayed emoji is thought as indicating number five.
  • As its name indicates, OK hand and thumbs up emojis are related with saying β€œOK”.
  • Thumbs down emoji include negative opinions such as dislikes or disapprovals.
  • Usage of holding hands emojis are accepted as relationships. Man or woman raising hand is usually considered as the person wants to say something.
  • Call me hand represents calling so that the person wants to have a phone call.
  • Folded hands emoji is the symbol of pray or prayer. Flexed bicep is used to express power, strength or success.

Writing HandWriting Hand Emoji

As it can be understood from its appearance, the meaning of writing hand emoji is regarded as someone is writing. He may be writing something on a paper as well as he can be typing on a computer. We can see writers and those who are interested in writing use this emoji in their messages: β€œI have been writing a poem about love. The progress is going well, and I think I will complete it soon.”

Thumbs UpThumbs Up Emoji

Thumps up is one of the most used hand emojis and its meaning is also related to hand emoji meanings. When someone uses thumbs up emoji, he usually wants to say that β€œit is ok.” β€œThat sounds nice”. So its meaning is considered as general satisfaction. For example, a group of friends is arranging an event: β€œ- How about meeting at 8 pm? – It is ok.” β€œ- We will gather at John’s home. Are you coming? – Ok, for me.” This emoji can be put in these expressions.

Thumbs DownThumbs Down Emoji

It has opposite meaning of thumbs up emoji. As can be understood from its appearance, its meanings are often understood as dislike, disapproval, and dissatisfaction. When you write something that can make a person displeased, you can get this emoji from him: β€œ- I promised you to come at 7 pm, but unfortunately I won’t come as I have things to do. Sorry about that. – That is a pity.” β€œ- I am sorry but I can’t accept your invite for this evening. – That is bad.” β€œ- I am afraid we have to cancel our weekend holiday. – I am sorry to hear that.”

OK HandOK Hand Emoji

The meaning of this emoji is one of the most wondered hands emoji meanings. Although its meaning is similar to the meaning of thumbs up emoji, it includes more fun. It is a fun way of saying β€œit is ok” or β€œthat sounds good”. You can use this emoji to approve something and also have fun: β€œ- Is everything ready for the party tonight? – Yes, they are already.” β€œ- We are going to the beach with friends. How about joining us? – That sounds nice.”

In another meaning, any guy can send this emoji to his girlfriend to offer to sleep together: β€œ- Can you come to my home tonight? We can have a great time.” This emoji can be used in dating apps. Guys can send an OK hand to the girls that they like to offer them it. Girls should be aware of the meaning of this emoji.

Folded handsFolded hands Emoji

As their position indicates, folded emoji is usually considered as pray. Folded hands meaning is also wondered so much when compared to other hand emoji meanings. When someone sends this emoji, he might wish something: β€œ- I hope you get a high mark on your exam as I think you deserve that.” β€œI wish the weather is nice today. I want to go outside.” β€œI want to be very famous and attractive as models.” Folded hands emoji can be put at the end of these messages.

Victory handVictory hand emoji

Victory hand emoji meaning is one of the most well-known hands emoji meanings. As it symbolizes victory, this emoji is often used to imply victory, peace or success: β€œI did exercises regularly and managed to lose weight.” β€œI got 100 on Math exam after hard work.”

Flexed BicepFlexed Bicep

The meaning of flexed bicep is considered as one of the hand emoji meanings. As can be understood from its muscle shape, it represents power, strength or success. We often see those who go to the gym use this emoji in their messages. These people sometimes take pictures of themselves when they are at the gym and share these pictures on their social media profiles. They also add comments like these: β€œIt is time to work out.” β€œBodybuilding is great.” You can see flexed bicep emoji in such comments. This emoji is also used to express success: β€œI am so happy that I have been the winner of the chess tournament.”

Clapping HandsClapping Hands Emoji

The meaning of clapping hands is one of the most popular hands emoji meanings. This emoji can be used anywhere that someone wants to congratulate a success. For example, you can send this emoji to your best friend to praise him when he succeeds at something: β€œ- I have just seen that you are the winner of the lottery. Congratulations!”. This emoji can be sent when someone gets married: β€œ- Congratulations, and I hope you are happy together.” It can be used when someone has made something good: β€œ- I heard that you have donated to the charity. I admire you. The thing you have done is so good and meaningful.”

Man or woman raising a hand

These two emojis are used widely. Their meanings are considered as hand emoji meanings. The actual meaning of these two emojis is regarded as the person wants to say something like students do it in the classroom when they wish to speak. Besides, the person may think it is essential. It may be an expression as well as a question. If someone sends you this emoji, you should get prepared for an important explanation or question. β€œ- There is something in my mind. – What is that? – I think you should care more about our relationship.” Another meaning of this emoji is saying goodbye as the character raises his hand as if to say goodbye. You can get a man or woman raising a hand when the conversation is over. Your friend implies that you are done and he is leaving.

Fist Bump

The meaning of fist bump emoji is similar to the meaning of clapping hands. This is often sent when someone has made something right or he has succeeded at doing something.

Raised HandRaised Hand

Raised hand meaning is also wondered much like other hand emoji meanings. Although it looks like a man or woman raising hand emojis, its meaning is different. Raised hand is usually sent to say β€œstop”. People often use this emoji to end the conversation or change the topic. If you get this emoji from someone, he may want you to stop due to several reasons. He may be bored with the topic, so he wants you to stop. β€œ- We have been seeing the effects of global warming, and it threatens our lives. – Ok, that is enough.” He may not like your joke, so he wants you to stop: β€œ- People think you are my little brother because you are shorter than me. – Ok, please stop.” It may be a wish of ending an argument: β€œ- You are always doing this thing. Let us walk about your habit. – That is enough.”

Hugging FaceHugging Face Emoji

This emoji looks like smile emoji. The difference is that it is hugging with hands. The meaning of hugging face emoji is related to hand emoji meanings. It can be used while flirting or as an expression of sincerity. If you got this emoji from your girlfriend, she might be expressing her love to you. You can get this emoji when you make a compliment to her. Close friends also like each other very much. Because of that, they often send hugging face emoji to each other.

Open HandsOpen Hands EmojiOpen Hands Emoji

This emoji is a bit confusing when compared to other hand emoji meanings. The actual meaning of open hands emoji represents openness, sincerity or hug. When someone sends you this emoji, you should know that he tries to be open and honest: β€œHonestly I must say that you are my best friend.” β€œBelieve me; you are one of the best friends that I have met.” However, this emoji is also used to express that someone is above a task. In this case, they want to get interacted with anyone.

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