Halo emoji

What is halo emoji meaning? How to use it?

Halo is a kind of smiley emoji. The difference is that we see a halo above smiling face. It reminds most of us an angel with its look at first. So, halo emoji meaning is often associated with an angel, pray, prayer, religious people, innocence and those with good intentions.

Representing angelRepresenting angel text with halo emoji

Angels are often symbolized with a halo above them. That is why halo emoji meaning can be associated with angels. It can be used in any message that refers to them. Angels are known as the symbol of innocence. So, this feature can be attributed to a character trait: β€œHe is so innocent like an angel.”


As it is known well, an angel is a religious term. As halo emoji represents an angel, it represents pray as well. Someone who is praying or having any wish can put halo emoji in its message: β€œI wish I will be the winner of the song contest.”, β€œI wish I will be wealthy.” Halo emoji can be sent to a person to say him good luck as well: β€œGood luck with your exam. I hope you will get what you want.”

Religious peopleReligious people text with halo emoji

Halo emoji can be put in a text when someone writes about a religious person as well: β€œI like him. He is a religious person.”


As halo emoji meaning is often associated with angels and angels are known for their integrity, this emoji can be used to refer to this feature. So, halo emoji can be added into a text message to represent innocence. It can be used when writing about a friend: β€œHe is my best friend, and he is such an innocent person.” It is known that children are innocent. So, this emoji can be used in expressions about them: β€œI love children. They are so innocent”. Babies are innocent, too. This emoji can be used in any comment that is about a photo of a baby: β€œHow cute he is!”. Halo emoji meaning is also put in messages to express pure and innocent feelings. In this context, it can be used as an expression of humanism: β€œI love the whole world and living things.”

Those with good intentions

Halo emoji is put in text messages to write about those who have good intentions. So, it can be used in such expressions: β€œI know him. He is a good person.”, β€œYou are such a nice and trustable person. I admire you.”

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