Grimacing face emoji

What is grimacing face emoji meaning?

The grimacing face is one of the favorite emojis that we see in the messages of people. The grimacing face reminds us of a face clenching his teeth at first. As we clench our teeth in some critical situations that we show our negative feelings, grimacing face emoji meaning is usually about these negative feelings like discomfort, disapproval, awkwardness, dislike, nervousness, confusion and embarrassment. However, it is not clear to show any of these. The person may have such feelings as well as none of them.

Negative feelingsNegative feelings

As we described above, grimacing face emoji meaning is often understood as the expression of negative emotions. So, if you see someone who put this emoji in his message, you should know that it doesn’t have a definite meaning. Now let’s take a look at these emotions:


The meaning of grimacing face emoji may be about expressing dissatisfaction. The person who sends this may want to say that he doesn’t agree with any thought. For example, you invite your friend for out. He doesn’t want to come, but you insist: “- Hey, would you like to go out this evening? – No, I have things to do. – You can do them later. Come on.” In this case, you can get this emoji with an answer and that means he doesn’t agree with you and he isn’t interested in your offer.

Feeling awkwardFeeling awkward

Sometimes, people feel awkward due to some reasons. The reason may be something that they say, the act they do, an unwanted situation or anything. So, they can send grimacing face emoji to express their awkwardness. It can be used in such an expression: “I know I shouldn’t have said that. That was a mistake. Can we forgive what happened?”


Some words can be understood different especially in text messages. The person may not want to say something bad, but it isn’t always understood correctly. In these cases, grimacing face emoji face can be sent to express discomfort: “- Actually, that is not the reaction that I expected.”


The meaning of grimacing face can be about expressing dislike: “I don’t like Mondays as I have to get up early and I don’t like getting up early.”, “I need to finish this homework until tomorrow and I am so tired.”


When people feel nervous, they can put this emoji in their messages: “Tomorrow, I will have a Math exam. I am so excited.”, “The winners of the lottery will be announced after for a while. I feel so excited.”

Feeling confusedFeeling confused

Another common usage of grimacing face emoji is about representing a confused mind. Although there is already an emoji for that, this emoji may be used to describe it as well. It is used much especially if someone sends a message that isn’t understood clearly by the person who gets it: “Well, actually I don’t understand what you mean.”, “What do you mean? Can you explain what you said?”, “So, you mean we should go to the cinema or theatre?”

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