Gay emoji meanings

Did you know that the meanings of some emojis have been attributed to the expression of different choices?  We have gathered some popular emojis and their meanings that are about gays. Now let’s take a look at those gay emoji meanings:

Rainbow emoji meaningRainbow emoji meaning

Apart from its direct meaning, rainbow emoji meaning has been used to refer to the rights of LGBT. Gays are part of these groups. They use this emoji in their text messages to express their rights of choice. If you see rainbow emoji in a text message, it may be something about the rights of gays.

Men with bunny ear emoji meaningMen with bunny ears emoji meaning

There is also a female version of this emoji, and it is called a woman with bunny ears. As we see two women dressed and dancing together in that emoji, we see two men dressed and dancing together in the male version of this emoji. The relationship between the meaning of men with bunny ears emoji and gays are that a gay can send this emoji to another gay to invite to an event or a party. For example: β€œHey, do you want to spend a nice evening together? We can go to a disco.”

Kiss: man, man emoji meaningKiss man, man emoji meaning

We see two men kissing each other on this emoji. Kissing between men may have different meanings in different cultures. In some cultures, kissing a man is the expression of a good friendship. However, in some cultures, it is so different that it is the expression of romantic love between men. These men are called gays, and they can send this emoji to each other to refer to love between them. They can also send heart and kiss emoji to each other.

Revolving hearts emoji meaning

Revolving hearts emoji is one of the emojis that gays use while they are texting. If a gay sends this emoji to another gay, it means that he expresses his love or interest to him.

Blue heart emoji meaning

Apart from its other meanings, blue heart meaning is sometimes considered as the expression of love between gays. If a guy gets blue heart emoji from a gay, he may be interested in him.

Lollipop emoji meaningLollipop emoji meaning

This emoji has common usage in different forms. One of the useful ways of this emoji is to represent straight choices. For example, it can be used to write about someone that he is gay: β€œDo you know Sam? He is gay.”

In some cases, it can be sent to a person to insult him. Besides, gays put this emoji in their text messages between themselves to say different things. It can be used to invite someone to a gay party: β€œAre you coming to the gay party this evening?”. It can be used to offer a gay for out: β€œHey sweety. Do you want to spend a good evening together?”

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