Fruit emoji

What is fruit emoji meanings?

The usage of fruit emojis has been widespread like other emojis. There is a variety of fruit emojis, and the meaning of each fruit can differ according to the fruit that is being used. Fruit emoji meanings can be the actual fruit or symbolization of something. In some cases, the meanings of some fruit emojis can be about flirting context. Now, let’s have a look at the most common fruit emojis and their meanings:

Grapes emoji meaningGrapes emoji

This emoji is shown as a grape bunch. The meaning of grape emoji is usually related to the vine. It can be used to represent all kinds of vines. Grape is also known as delicious fruit. It is included in some diets and it has benefits for health. So, grapes emoji can be used in a message that is about diet or healthy living style.

Cherries emoji meaningCherries emoji

Cherries is a tasty fruit. It is liked by many people. The most common terms that cherry emoji is related to summer, desserts, health, and cocktails. Cherries are a summer fruit so that this emoji can be put in messages that are about summer. Cherries is preferred much in desserts. This emoji can be added to a message when someone is writing about cherry desserts. Cherry cocktails are also so popular. Cherry emoji can be combined with party and cocktail emojis. In texting, cherry emoji is sent to say a lady is hot or beautiful. Some people send it to represent breasts.

Melon emoji meaning

Melon is sometimes combined with watermelon emoji as it is the picture of uncut melon. In its direct meaning, melon emoji is usually related to things like healthy eating habits, diet, and ingredient of some drinks. Those who adopt a healthy living style and eating habits can put melon emoji in their messages. Someone who writes about a melon beverage can use this emoji as well. Melon emoji is one of those emojis that are used in texting. Those who send this emoji usually refer to female breasts or butts. For example: β€œYour breasts are nice.” or β€œYou have a beautiful butt.”

Apple emoji meaningApple emoji

Apple is a popular fruit that is mostly eaten in America and Europe. It can be eaten as single as well as it can be part of cakes, beverages or desserts. In its direct meaning, apple emoji can be used to represent any of these. For example, those who write about apple cakes, beverages or desserts can include apple emoji in their messages. Apple emoji is also used in texting. Those who send this emoji usually want to imply female butts as it is thought that some butts look like its shape.

Pear emoji meaningPear emoji

Pear is as popular as an apple in America and Europe. Just as Apple is grown in summer, pear is a fruit that is grown in summer. Pear emoji can be used in messages that are about summer, vitamins, healthy eating and more. Because of its shape, the meaning of pear emoji sometimes refers to pear-shaped bodies.

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