Food emoji

What are food emoji meanings? How to use it?

Food emojis have been very common, and they are preferred in most food-related conversations. As they are so popular, food emoji meanings are wondered. Apart from food emojis actual meanings, some of them may have different meanings. In this post, we gathered the most popular food emojis and their meanings together:

Grapes emoji meaningGrapes emoji

Grapes is one of the most preferred food emojis. As wine is made of grape, this emoji is often put in text messages to represent it. Grapes emoji can be used in any conversation that is about wine. Grape is also known as a nutritious food that is good for health. So, this emoji can be used as a symbol of a healthy living style and diets.

Strawberry emoji meaningStrawberry emoji

Just as the grape is liked very much, strawberry is a food that is liked very much. It is healthy food. So, strawberry emoji is often used to represent a healthy lifestyle as well as it represents summer, romance, and love. Lovers eat it together when they have romantic moments. So, they can send this emoji to each other to remind these moments.

Cherries emoji meaningCherries emoji

Cherries emoji is another favorite emoji. Cherry is a nutritious and healthy food like other foods. So, cherries emoji is usually sent to represent a healthy lifestyle. As many desserts are made with cherry, this emoji can be put in messages that are about cherry desserts. Cherry is known as summer food. In some text messages, this emoji can be used to refer to the summer. Cherries emoji is also sent to ladies to make compliments to them. In this context, it has meanings like โ€œhotโ€, or โ€œbeautifulโ€. In some video games, cherries represent bonus points. Those who are interested in video games can use cherries emoji to write about scores or bonus points that they got.

Hamburger emoji meaningHamburger emoji

Hamburger is a favorite fast-food of many people including all age groups. It is so popular around the world. That is why hamburger emoji is used in text messages very much. We see that this emoji is often used in its actual meaning. Those who put it in their messages usually imply fast-food. It can be sent to a friend to invite him to lunch. Someone who puts hamburger emoji can write that he is having a burger or he likes it very much.

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