Flower emoji

Flower emojis are one of the most preferred emojis by people. They have a common usage like smileys or heart emojis. Many people love flowers. So, flower emoji meaning is often regarded as positive feelings, thoughts or emotions. Its purpose is related to love, passion, care, compassion, spring, and nature. Flower emoji is also sent by men to the ladies to make compliments.

The symbol of love

Just as a heart is considered as the symbol of love, the flower is considered as the expression of love. When someone gives a flower, that means he loves that person. So, flower emoji meaning is related to the feeling of love. If you are a girl and got flower emoji from a guy, it may be a sign of his respect. At least he is interested in you.

Expressing passion

Flower emoji can be thought of as the expression of anger. Some people have emotions for different things. Some of them have a love of nature, some of them have a desire for music. In these cases, flower emoji can be put in a text message to show someone’s passion.


Compassion text with Flower emoji

Compassion is also related to the meaning of flower emoji. A mother’s love for his son or a son’s love for his mother is compassionate love. A student may have a merciful desire for his teacher. They usually give a flower to the loved ones. If someone sends flower emoji to a person, he may want to show his compassion.


A flower is one of the symbols of romance. Those who give a flower to their loved ones are called romantic. Ladies love romantic men. If a man sends flower and also flower emoji to a lady, he may be a passionate man who knows the soul of a woman very well.


Spring text with flower emoji

There are many flowers which are grown in the spring. Nature seems colorful with flowers in different colors. For some people, a flower is one of the most important symbols of the spring. Because of that, flower emoji meaning can be related with spring. If someone loves spring, he can express his feelings with flower emoji: “Spring is coming and I feel so happy!”


A flower is an integral part of life. It reminds character for many of us. We can see flowers in a lot of paintings that include quality. Sometimes, flower emoji can be sent to represent life. Those who love nature can put flower emoji in their messages: “Nature is wonderful!”, “I love nature.”

Flowers in cartoons

Flowers in cartoons text with flower emoji

Many cartoons include flowers. Many children love watching these cartoons as they love flowers. Flower emoji can be added to a message if that is about one of those cartoons: “This morning my favorite cartoon is on TV.”


Flower also represents pureness and innocence. People who like flowers are often good people. They have real feelings. Flower emoji can be sent to someone to express our pure feelings. That may be a good friendship as well as a romantic relationship.

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