Flirting emoji meanings

What are flirting emoji meanings?

Emojis have been so popular. Most of the users like using them in their text messages. As they are different kinds of emojis, they can be used almost everywhere. Those who are flirting can also use these emojis but flirting emoji meanings are not known much. As many emojis can be used while flirting, every emoji has a different meaning.

The blush emoji

Blush Emoji

It is one of the most preferred emojis while flirting. So, the meaning of this emoji is related to flirting emoji meanings. It a when a guy says kind words to his girlfriend. If your boyfriend makes a compliment or writes nice words that you like, you can send him this emoji to reward him.

The tongue emoji

Tongue Emoji

The tongue emojiΒ is a favorite emoji that is used while flirting. Its relation between flirting emoji meanings is that it is mostly used when someone understands the sense of humor. You can use tongue emoji when your lover makes the joke so that you want to show that you get his joke and enjoy the time with him.

Winky emoji

Wink Emoji

Winky emoji used among friends as well as those who are flirting. Winky emoji represents a cool attitude. Someone who uses this emoji wants to say that he understands what is said. It is an expression of sharing similar thoughts, ideas, feelings and thus getting on well with each other. It is sometimes used instead of smile emoji.

Angel baby emoji

Angel Baby Emoji

Although the face seems innocent, the meaning of this emoji is regarded as the opposite. If a guy or a girl sends this emoji to someone who he is flirting, there may be a closer intimacy for the next time they meet. If you got this from your lover, enjoyable moments might be waiting for you soon.

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