Female sign emoji

What is female sign emoji meaning?

Sign emojis have been popular like other emojis. We sometimes see female sign emoji in text messages. This emoji is seen with a mirror shape. That is a bronze mirror, and it is the symbol of Venus. As it can be understood from its name, female sign emoji meaning can be attributed to anything that is about the female. When it is combined with other emojis, different meanings can be understood.

The symbol of feminismThe symbol of feminism

The female sign is related to feminism in philosophy and sociology. So, female sign emoji meaning can be regarded as representing feminism as well. There are many feminists around the world. They are organizing on social media and other platforms. This emoji is one of the symbols that they use. They put this emoji in their messages when they express their ideas about feminism, women rights and more.

Combining with other emojisCombining with other emojis

Different combinations can be made between female emoji and other emojis. In this way, different meanings can be given.

Female sign emoji can be combined with bird emoji so that the person wants to imply a female bird. He may want to say that he wants a female bird or he may love female birds.

Female sign emoji can be combined with heart emoji.  If the person who combines these is a girl, she might be a lesbian and desiring a straight relationship.

Male sign emoji can be put near female sign emoji. In this case, its meaning is understood as “males and females.” This combination often refers to relationships including problems, joint issues, love, passion, living together, family, romance, and more. It can also symbolize the public.

Stop emoji can be combined with female sign emoji. In this case, its meaning is understood that “females are not wanted.” It may be a dislike and even hate to the females. It may be written just for fun: “Hey guys, we are having a party tonight. We will have a great time. No females are wanted!” The person might be gay as well. He can write something like that on a dating platform: “I am only interested in guys. No females, please.“

Online meetingOnline meeting

There are still many chat rooms and people chat with each other without seeing their faces. In these platforms, they ask their names, ages, where they live and things like these. Gender is one of these things that people ask each other: “What is your gender?” If the person is a female, she can respond with a female sign emoji to this question.


Female sign emoji can be used in flirting as well. Flirting has been so common in recent times. Men and ladies both like doing it. They love using some emojis in their messages. Female sign emoji can be used in a message to offer spending good time to a lady as well as people can write their passionate desires with this emoji.

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