Facepalm emoji text with Facepalm emoji

What is facepalm emoji meaning? How to use it?

Facepalm is a universal human action which has been made since old times. Facepalm emoji display this act. We see the character covering most of his face with his palm. So, facepalm emoji meaning is usually considered as the expression of feelings like disappointment or shame that are shown as a reaction to stupid or unwanted actions. This emoji can be sent to a person because of his funny actions as well as someone’s own mistakes. Sometimes, facepalm emoji meaning can be thought as expressing frustration.

Stupid actionsStupid actions text with Facepalm emoji

Facepalm is a reaction that means “Oh, what did I do?” or “What did you do?” in most cases. In this context, facepalm emoji can be used in any case to represent these kinds of behaviors. For example, it can be sent to a person with such an expression when he writes something wrong or bad: “Oh, that is unbelievable. I don’t understand how you could do this.”. This emoji can be put in any message when someone writes about his own faults as well: “I can’t believe that I said these words.”

Man and woman facepalm emoji

Facepalm emoji is displayed with two different characters: man and woman. So, guys can use the male version and girls can use the female version of this emoji. As it is known, girls text more between each other. So, facepalm emoji is used more among girls.

Expressing frustrationExpressing frustration

It is a typical reaction that sometimes people cover their faces with their hands to protect themselves against danger. In these times, they feel frustrated. In this context, facepalm emoji meaning can be associated with the expression of fear. For example, someone can put it in its message when he writes about something that he feared: “Last night, I was walking down the street, and I thought someone was following me. I feared.”

“I don’t feel well.”

The character that we see in this emoji gives us a negative message, and it explains us being in a negative mood. So, the person who puts this emoji in his message may want to say that he is not in a good. If the person is a girl, she can use woman facepalm emoji, and if he is a guy, he can prefer man facepalm emoji. Besides, it can be combined with sad face emoji to express a negative mood. For example: “I don’t feel good today.”

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