Emoji combination meanings

Emoji combination meanings and their using

Emojis are preferred a lot while texting around people. Sometimes, people not only send a single emoji but also they send a combination of emojis. These combinations can be used while texting as well as texting. Emoji combination meanings can be different according to each combination. In this way, different feelings can be expressed with these combinations. People can say what they want to say with varying combinations of emoji that they send.

Smiling face emoji with other emojisSmiling face emoji with other emojis

Smiling face emoji is one of the most used emojis. Because of that, many combinations are made with this emoji. When it is combined with tongue emoji, that means it is fun and silliness. Combining a smiling face with french fries emoji means a person is watching a movie and it is funny. It can also mean someone is having french fries.

Popular emoji combinations

Apart from smiling face emoji combinations, many combinations are popular.

Sad face with snowflake emoji

When these are combined, that refers to snow, and the person is unhappy with that. That may be because he can’t go out because of snow, he doesn’t like snowy weather, he doesn’t like freezing and more.

Dog and home emojis

When a person combines dog and home emojis, he may want to say that “you are in the dog house.”

Screw emoji with the smirking faceScrew emoji with smirking face

Sometimes these are combined by some people. The meaning of this emoji combination is often regarded as saying “screw you.”

Face blowing a kiss and heart emoji

These emojis are sent separately as well as they are combined. The heart is the expression of love, and people kiss their loved ones. So, it is usual to send these emojis along. The meaning is that “I love you and I kiss you.”

Hugging face and kiss emoji

Sometimes these emojis are sent together to the loved ones. The meaning of them is “I kiss you, and I hug you.”

Texting emoji combinations

Combining different emojis is also common in texting. French flag and kiss emojis refer to French kiss. Combining bomb and eggplant emojis is usually regarded as saying “you are like a bomb.”  When pointing finger and ok hand emojis are combined, the meaning of them is considered as penetration.

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