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Smartphones are now part of our world. Talking to someone we love, learning something new, doing any video watching thanks to our smartphones. Thanks to programs that renew itself from day to day, face-to-face interviews are now out of date. Because now, we do not just write any messages we want in just some seconds. Thanks to the emojis designed by Whatsapp and other programs, we now specify in which emotions we write our sentences. Without having to talk face to face with one person, and even without a phone call, we can easily reach the person we want by writing a short message and finally adding emoji. Is this good for us, or we do not know if it is bad because the technology to robotize us. This situation varies from everyone’s point of view. But, there is one thing that everyone thinks the same, our life has become much more simpler than the old times. We do not have to send the letters we’ve been waiting for days to reach one. Do you know that you can express your feelings with eggplant emoji meaning?

Several Eggplant Emojis

The world of emoji is now a world we all know. There are emojis that everyone uses constantly, as is the standard emoji that everyone uses. Smiley faces, hearts, numbers, fruits… All of them have their meanings. In fact, almost no one knows the meaning of some, or they know it wrong. You will be shocked when you see how emojis that you use every day have different meanings. You will be really surprised to see the emojis you send to your closest friend, your lover, or any of your acquaintances without hesitation, that has nothing to do with your thinking. We were amazed and entertained when we searched for these meanings. That’s why we wanted to write about emoji’s meaning. The eggplant emoji meaning will make you have fun.

The hidden Eggplant Emoji Meaning

The first thing we talked about emoji is an emoji that everyone knows its name, maybe they eat every day, but never uses it in Whatsapp, eggplant emoji meaning. I am sure that there are people among you who have never used this emoji before, even those who do not even know there is an emoji like this. After this post, you will learn what the eggplant emoji means, and you will pay more attention when using it.

I am sure that now while reading this topic, there will also be self-laughing people, or there will be some people that will think only about the purple vegetable called eggplant, or if you see such a post, you will be very curious about the meaning of eggplant emojis. As Eggplant, of course, your mind will only come to eggplant, which is vegetable. But when eggplant emoji is called, its meaning will change completely. What does your mind think of eggplant emoji meaning? If we haven’t known Whatsapp, now we would all think of a delicious vegetable. We will even want to eat eggplant, in which we would imagine a meal with eggplant e a lot of other vegetables. But after Whatsapp made an emoji o eggplant, our thoughts will change entirely and maybe we will smile when we get eggplant emoji message.

Eggplant Emoji pop up


Eggplant emoji meaning is used to mean the male genital organ, much more different so than many of you know. So when someone sends you an eggplant emoji, it says that the person’s message is a message about the male genital organs. Now you will think about your old Whatsapp messages. Maybe you’ve used eggplant emoji before, but you did not know the real meaning. So you are a bit embarrassed. But do not worry, many people do not understand what eggplant emoji means and they use it. Of course, some people know the meaning of this and use them. There are those who know or do not know the definition of Eggplant emoji, but it is a fact that eggplant emoji has entirely male genital organ meaning.

How and where the eggplant emoji meaning was created?

Eggplant emoji was added to the set of Unicode emoji in 2011, and on this year it took its place on the standard emoji keyboard of smartphones. However, it is not known why eggplant emoji meaning is like this. But, what we’re getting is that the emoji appeared in America, but it’s really a matter of curiosity why the eggplant was chosen as the meaning-bearing the male genital organ. Because before that eggplant was only known as a vegetable. Earlier we heard that banana-like fruits were used in such meaning, but eggplant is an exciting emoji.

According to research done in 2015, eggplant emoji meaning was the most used in countries such as America and Canada. Besides, many men who have opened the hashtag with eggplant name on social media seem to share their genital organs with this name. Usually, you could not make any search in social media programs with Unicode characters, but eggplant emojis has become so common that men open hashtag without using emojis and they make related names with genital organs on both Instagram and Twitter. It was allowed to search for anything by emoji after 2015, but we could not do any searches with eggplant emoji. Also, photographs containing eggplants, or content that gives the eggplant message, were also banned by Instagram.

The Eggplant Emoji Meaning is used in a Movie

Eggplant Emoji

When we come to 2018, we see that the eggplant name is given as a movie name. As you see, eggplant emoji is not only a favorite emoji but also has a movie with its title. Another name of this movie is ” The Package ”. Jake Szymanski is the director of this comedy movie with the comedy lovers will love to watch. The closest five friends who make plans for the semesters holiday, decide to go to the forest and camp in order to have fun. But none of the plans they make at home will hold, and even things like that will come and they will regret their camping. The camp first starts nicely; they set up their camps and go to the sea. When they decide to take a walk in the woods, they will not be aware that they have taken the first step in their adventure. The unfortunate accident that they will go through in the woods will overthrow everything, and the young people will have to find a way out of the ratio. The movie’s scriptwriters are Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider. The actors in the comedy genre include Daniel Doheny, Geraldine Viswanathan, Sadie Calvano, Luke Spencer Roberts, and Eduardo Franco. We recommend watching this eggplant emoji meaning movie which will increase your joy.

Does the emojis have the same meaning as the eggplant emoji meaning

Eggplant emoji is not The only emoji used in showing your passion. Most of us have just learned what the eggplant emoji meaning is. What are the other emojis used for these purposes? Peach emoji is also used in the butt. Besides, three drops of water emoji, tongue emoji, cock emoji are other emojis used in this meaning. We are using these emojis efficiently by thinking that we know the emoji world the best, are not we? Investigate all of them and notice how they are used in different meanings. Think once again while sending some emojis to other people, like eggplant emoji.

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