Drooling emoji

What is drooling emoji meaning?

There are very lovely emojis as well as interesting ones. Drooling emoji is one of the exciting emojis. Drooling emoji meaning is regarded as a desire for something or someone. It is also used to imply stupid actions of someone.

Desire for something

It is a known fact that our saliva comes when we strongly desire something. It may be anything such as a dessert, delicious meal, well-decorated home, new model car, smart dress. When we see any of them that we interested, our face look likes the character in this emoji. While writing a message, drooling emoji can be used in these situations.

Desire of somethingSomeone can desire delicious food at night: “It is 11 pm. I am starving, and I want a big slice of pizza.”. A lady may see the picture of a beautiful dress, and she can comment on that: “What a lovely dress! I wish I could have one.” A boy who is interested in video games can write something like that: “I hope I have Resident Evil. This is awesome.” In these examples, drooling emoji meaning is related to something that people want very much.

Being charmed by someone

Guys are sometimes attracted by the ladies that they see in the street, bar, store, on social media or anywhere. When they are texting, they can write about it: “Last evening I saw a girl in the street. She was awesome.” “I met a girl at the bar last night. She was gorgeous. I got her phone number.” In these cases, they can use this emoji in their messages. Drooling emoji meaning is related to their desire of the opposite romantic moments. Similar conversations may be around the girls as well. They can write about the guys that they like.

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