Dirty emoji meanings

Dirty emoji meanings Cherry emoji Peach emoji Lollipop emoji and much more

Emojis are so popular, and they are used very much while texting. They are not only used for expressing emotions or having fun but also they are being used for expressing passionate desires. Some of these emojis have been called dirty emojis, and they are being used while texting. Sending romantic messages to your partner has been prevalent since the old times of texting. People used to express their desires with only words. But now they can express them with dirty emojis. Dirty emoji meanings can be different according to the emoji that is preferred. Now let’s take a look at these emojis and what they mean during texting:

Cherry emoji meaning

Cherry emoji meaning

Cherry is used for representing the actual fruit as well as it is used while texting. Cherry emoji can be used as a euphemism for butt, and in some cases, it can be used to imply breasts. It can be used in this form: “Hey, do you want to taste it?”. Someone who is passionate can express his desire like that: “I want to eat some delicious cherry tonight.”

Peach emoji meaning

Peach emoji is usually sent to represent butt. So, if you got this emoji from him while texting, that means he is interested in you: “You have a beautiful peach.”, “I want to eat your peach.”

Taco emoji meaningTaco emoji meaning

When a guy sends this emoji to a girl while texting, he implies passion. If someone puts this emoji in his text message he may be expressing that he is passionate: “I want to eat a delicious taco.”

Eggplant emoji meaning

Guys usually put this emoji in their text messages. They often express their passionate desires with these kinds of messages: “It is time to get some action!”, “Hey, do you want to get it?”

Corn on the job emoji meaningCorn on the job emoji meaning

Just as the meaning of eggplant, the meaning of this emoji is the same. A guy who sends this emoji to a girl usually wants to implicate his … if he doesn’t want to eat corn. There are some dating apps. People meet, be lovers, or have romantic moments. So, eggplant or corn emoji can be sent to the girls by guys. If a girl who gets one of these are interested, she can give a reply to the message and they go on.

Lollipop emoji meaning

Lollipop is one of those dirty emojis. Especially if someone feels shy to write it directly, he can send this emoji to express his desire in an indirect way. If he isn’t shy, he may want to sleep together offer in a fun way.

Tulip emoji meaning

Apart from its actual meaning about the flower, the meaning of tulip emoji refers to the female. The reason may be because it smells nice and its look. If a guy sends this emoji to a girl, he may want to express his interest and wants to spend a good time with his partner: “How about meeting at my home this evening?” A girl can use this emoji as an expression of her passion.

Tongue emoji meaning

The tongue is another emoji that is being used while texting. It can be used in these messages: “Your body is so beautiful. I want to taste it.”

Combination of dirty emojis

Dirty emojis can be combined during texting. In this case, each combination has a specific meaning.


Combining finger emoji with cherry emoji.

Combining finger and ok hand emojis: It has similar meaning with the combination of cherry and finger emoji combination.

Bomb and eggplant emojis: When they are combined, the person may probably want to say “You are like a bomb.”

Clapping hands and peach emojis.

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