Diamond emoji

What is diamond emoji meaning? How to use it?

Diamond emoji take interest with its brilliant look at first. As it can be guessed from its look, diamond emoji meaning is often associated with precious luxury jewelry, precious stones and indirectly with marriage or engagement. In this context, it refers to richness, luxury, charm, and elitism. It also symbolizes valuable things or people.

Jewelry and precious stonesJewellery and precious stones text

In most cases, diamond emoji is used with its actual meaning. Those who put this emoji in their messages often refer to jewelry and precious stones. Many stores sell jewelry online. They can use this emoji to promote their products on their social media profiles.

Especially girls love diamonds. So, they can use diamond emoji when they write about jewelry. A girl may put it in her message when she writes about her birthday present: “My boyfriend bought me a ring as a birthday present. It is so nice.”, That may be used in a comment that is made about a picture of a diamond: “That is so brilliant and nice.”

Marriage and engagement

As it is known well, the ring is regarded as the symbol of wedding and engagement. So, diamond emoji can be added into a text to symbolize them as well. It can be used in a message that is about wedding ceremony: “We are getting married in the next week on Saturday. We hope to see all our friends at our wedding ceremony.”. A woman who gets a wedding proposal can use it in her message: “I am happy to say that my boyfriend proposed to me.”

Richness and luxuryRichness and luxury text

Diamond is known as a luxury item. So, diamond emoji is considered as the symbol of wealth and luxury. We can see many people who share pictures of their luxury lifestyle, homes, cars and more on social media. These people can add diamond emoji into their messages to represent their richness.

Valuable things or people

In some cases, diamond emoji can be used to refer to useful things. Especially girls put this emoji in their messages as they like diamond very much. When they something that is valuable for them they can make comments like “That is so beautiful”, “It is lovely”, “It is charming” with a diamond emoji.

Diamond emoji is also used to represent those that people worth. They can send a message like “You are so valuable for me”, “You are special” to them including this emoji.

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