Chicken emoji

Animal emojis are very popular and people like putting them in their messages. The meaning of these emojis are attributed to animals or other different things. For example, chicken emoji meaning is often related to the chicken itself. But, it is also used to say “coward” to those who are afraid of many things and “chatterbox” to those who talk too much.


Chicken is a well-known animal that is fed for its meat and egg. Chicken emoji meaning can be about anything that is related to chicken. For example, a person writes that he has a chicken burger: “I am at lunch, eating a chicken burger. It is delicious; you should try.” Someone who feeds his chickens can write something like that: “I am feeding my chickens.” It may be the love of nature and animals: “I like chickens very much. They are cute animals.”

Saying “coward.”

Chicken emoji meaning is sometimes put in texts to write to someone that he is a coward. Some people are afraid of many things. This may be a character flaw or lack of self-confidence. That takes attention of people around, and they can write things like “coward” to that person: “You are such a coward.”

Those who talk too muchThose who talk too much

Many people like talking. However, some of them like talking too much and that makes some people feel uncomfortable. When a person is writing much, he can be stopped by sending a chicken emoji to him. If he writes too much, a few chicken emojis can be sent to him. Especially girls like texting. They can text about anything. If you have such a friend and her messages are disturbing, you can send her chicken emoji with a word something like that: “I think you should stop. You are writing too much.”


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