Cherry emoji

We see that fruit emojis are very popular on social media and other platforms. Many people prefer cherry emoji. That is a well-known fruit, many people like it as it is delicious and good for health. Cherry emoji meaning is considered as healthy eating, healthy life, dessert and the fruit itself. It is also used to say “hot” or “beautiful” while texting.

Healthy Life

Healthy Life

Cherry is a popular fruit as it is delicious and healthy. Because of that, cherry emoji meaning is related to healthy eating and lifestyle. Many people have a healthy lifestyle. They make exercises, stay away from harmful foods and prefer healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. We can see cherry emoji in their messages: “It is time to eat nice cherries.”, “Cherries are ready. It is good to have them after doing sports.”.


Texting has been prevalent. Many people like that. These people also use some emojis in their texts. Cherry emoji is one of those that people prefer. Guys usually send this to the girls to imply ” beautiful” or “hot”: “You are gorgeous.”, “I like you so much.”. Guys also send this emoji when they offer  romantic moments: “I want to be with a beautiful girl tonight.”, “You are so beautiful that you make me excited.”

Expressing self-confidenceExpressing self-confidence

Just as it is used to say “beautiful” while texting, women use cherry emoji to express their beauty and self-confidence. On social media, we can see many girls and women sharing their different photos. They also add comments like “here is another beautiful photo of me”, “I am here!”. They can even make compliments to themselves: “I am shining like a sun.”, “I am the most beautiful lady of tonight.”


As many desserts are made with this fruit, cherry emoji meaning can be related to those desserts. Someone can express how much he likes cherry dessert: “I love cherry dessert very much.”, it may be used when someone desires a cherry dessert: “That would be wonderful if I could have cherry dessert now.”

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