Cat emoji

Emojis have been popular, and animal emojis are preferred much. A cat is one of the most popular ones. In most cases, cat emoji meaning is related to the animal itself. People send cat emojis in most conversations that are about cats. This emoji also used to imply some human characters that are attributed to cats such as selfishness, beauty, and smartness. Apart from its general meaning, there are different cat emojis, and each of them has a different meaning.

Love of catsLove of cats

Some people like these animals very much. They are cute, and sometimes they do funny things. These people put cat emoji in their text messages while they are writing about these animals. For example, someone who feeds a cat in his home can take a photo of it, share it on social media profile and he can make a comment something like that: “My cat is beautiful!”. Someone who buys a new cat: “That is my new cat. It is so sweet!”. It may be about a general opinion about cats: “I love cats so much!”.

Sharing funny things about catsSharing funny things about cats

There are many videos and photos that are about cats. Most of them are funny and they are watched by many people on social media to have fun. We can see lots of comments including cat emoji under these videos. These comments are often about the love of cats.


Selfishness is one of the character features that is attributed to cats. Because of that, cat emoji can be sent to express selfishness. A person can use this emoji to imply someone’s greed: “You are such a selfish person like a cat.”, “Sometimes you are like this (implying cat).”
A person can express his selfishness by using cat emoji as well: “I accept that sometimes I can be so selfish like a cat.”


Cat emoji is sometimes used to write about the beauty of a cat. If the person who puts this emoji in his text likes cats, he can send this emoji when he sees a beautiful cat picture.


Now, let’s have a look at some cat emojis that are being used much:

Smiling Cat Face with Open Mouth

It reminds us old smiling face emoji. That is a feline version of it. In fact, it has no direct meaning about the actual animal. It is mostly used instead of smiling emoji.

Grinning Cat Face with Smiley Eyes

It is one of the smiley emojis. We see a happy face. As it is smiling, people send this emoji when they are in buoyant mood. It can be said that this emoji is an expression of happiness and enjoyment. Some people even put 2, 3 or more emojis. That means the more they set, the more they are happy or they enjoy their moments.

Grinning cat or smiling cat emojis can be combined with lots of other emojis to express different pleasures. When they are combined with car and sun, that may be the meaning of a beautiful car journey on a sunny day and feeling great.

Smiling Cat Face with Heart Shaped Eyes

It looks like a smiley face with heart eyes. When a person sends this emoji, it may childishly be the expression of love. This love is pure and real. It is interesting that girls prefer it more than guys. The reason may be that girls love cats very much. When your girlfriend sends you this emoji, you should feel lucky that she loves you very much. She has a pure love and accepts you as who you are. You are so valuable for her.

Kissing Cat Face with Closed EyesKissing Cat Face with Closed Eyes

Cats are known as selective animals, so it can’t be thought that they kiss everyone! The person who sends kissing cat emoji is the same as well. He or she is selective. If you got this emoji from your lover, he wants to mean that he wants to kiss you. That makes you so special for him or her. So, you can send a reply including this emoji to say that you really want to kiss him so much.

Cat Face with Wry Smile

That is a cute cat face with a sneaky look. That can be sent to express curiousness in a fun way. If you wrote something that is not understood well, the person could send you this emoji to ask what you mean, and he also wants to seem pretty. You may even get this emoji when you don’t post a reply to a person.

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