Broken heart emoji

What is the broken heart emoji meaning?

We see not only messages but also we see messages with colorful and lovely emojis on social media. Many people use them as they like them a lot. Broken heart emoji is one of the most popular ones. However, broken heart emoji meaning is not known by some people. If you don’t understand broken heart emoji meaning, you can read our article.

The heart is already known as the symbol of love. Lovers can sometimes hurt each other, and they can be broken. Sometimes they can break up. However, they make it up and continue their relationship in some way. So broken heart emoji meaning is about being hurt by a lover. If he or she writes something with broken heart emoji, that means he feels hurt and upset.

Besides, friends sometimes hurt each other. Parents might hurt their kids with some words or behaviors. Broken heart emoji can be used by anyone who feels hurt by someone who is valuable for him or her.

When someone gets a message including broken heart emoji, he should think what he did to his friend, lover or parents and try to fix what he did so that they can be good together.

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