Broccoli emoji

What is the broccoli emoji meaning?

We have been seeing many emojis in different colors and shapes on social media. As everybody may realize, these emojis are liked by people very much. One of that cute emojis is broccoli emoji. As it is seen much, many people wonder broccoli emoji meaning. Broccoli is a green vegetable, and it is very healthful. Broccoli emoji meaning is about this vegetable at first.

Broccoli emoji meaning

There may be several reasons why people prefer to use this emoji. Some people like nature very much. They also like all things related to nature. Vegetables, animals, and plants are all parts of nature. Because of that, these people also love broccoli. Broccoli emoji meaning may be that these people like this vegetable very much. They like eating broccoli. They can make different kinds of meals. Because they know that it is good for their health.

Broccoli emojis

Apart from its benefits to our health, we can say that it may be the sign of peace because of its color. We feel peaceful when we go to nature, go swimming or go to a forest. That is why broccoli emoji meaning is about peace. So this emoji can be sent after an argument. If you argued with your friend and got this emoji after for a while, that means he may not want to discuss with you anymore. Besides, we can say that broccoli emoji meaning may be the symbol of love. Lovers and couples may sometimes send this emoji to each other to express their good feelings.

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