Blushing emoji

What is blushing emoji meaning?

Many people use blushing emoji while texting. We see this emoji with blushed red cheeks. Blushing emoji meaning is regarded as expressing feelings like shame, embarrassment or getting surprised.

Feeling AshamedFeeling Ashamed

Blushing emoji meaning is regarded as someone feels ashamed. We feel ashamed in some situations. These may be due to misunderstanding, making something by mistake and something like that. In these situations, we can use this emoji to express our feeling. For example, it is a typical mistake that we sometimes send messages to the wrong person. In this case, it is good to write apologize with this emoji: “I have just realized that I have sent this message to you by a mistake. I am sorry.”, There may be a misunderstanding: “- This work doesn’t look good. You should revise it. – But, I have already sent the finished one. – Let me see. Oh, I didn’t see it. Sorry.”. Blushing emoji can be put in these messages while giving a reply.

Feeling EmbarrassedFeeling Embarrassed

Sometimes people feel embarrassed in some situations because of different reasons. They can send this emoji to express their embarrassment. It may be because someone teases: “- It was too crowded and I couldn’t see you as you weren’t seen in crowded. – It is not nice to tease me because I am short.”, It can be sent to someone who is being assertive: “- You don’t have enough capacity to understand this issue. – You are so rude.”.

Getting SurprisedGetting Surprised

As the character has a shocked face with a blushed red chick, blushing emoji meaning is related to getting surprised or shocked. This often happens when someone encounters a situation that he hasn’t expected at all. Just as people blush in real life, they use this emoji in such situations. For example, someone can react when he learns a secret: “- I want to tell you a secret. I broke up with my boyfriend. – What?”, sometimes they send this emoji when they get a message that they never expected: “- I have realized that you do not type of person that I am interested in. – Are you serious?”. Blushing emoji can be sent with these messages.

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