What does the black heart emoji mean

What is the black heart emoji meaning?

Nowadays, we can see many people who send their text messages with different kinds of emojis on social media and other platforms. These emojis are preferred much by people as they are colorful and exciting. Black heart emoji is one of dark emojis, and black heart emoji meaning is also wondered very much. As the black color is generally used to express pessimistic feelings, black heart emoji meaning is also related to these kinds of feelings.

Expressing Sadness

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Although it is not preferred as much as red heart emoji, we can see many people who send this emoji. Of course, there may be several reasons why they prefer black instead of red. For example, they may prefer to use this emoji to express their sadness. As the black color is considered as the expression of negative feelings, black heart emoji meaning may be related to sadness. Sometimes, people feel sad. There may be several things that make them feel sad in their life. In these situations, some people may use black heart emoji.

Feeling depressed

Black heart emoji meaning

Depression has been a common psychological illness around people in recent times. Sometimes they feel depressed because of some negative situations. Some of them write depressive lyrics; some people write their depressive ideas. So we can say that black heart emoji meaning may be about depression and these people can use this emoji when they feel depressed.

Feeling In Emptiness

Black color often reminds us darkness and darkness may mean emptiness. Sometimes people feel as if they are in emptiness. Black heart emoji meaning may be about the emptiness that these people feel.

Feeling Broken

Black Heart Emoji

Sometimes people feel broken as people around them break their hearts. These people may be their relatives, friends, darlings, wives, husbands, sons or daughters. Black is an appropriate color to express broken feelings. So black heart emoji meaning is used to express broken feelings. People may send this emoji to those who broke their hearts. 

Three black heart emojis

If you got this emoji from your friend or lover, he may want to say that he is broken and he wants an apology from you. Sometimes, people have some expectations, and they may be broken when their expectations don’t happen.For example, a girl may expect a present for her birthday from her boyfriend. If he doesn’t give her a birthday present, she may be broken and she can express her feeling with black heart emoji.

The Symbol Of Love

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Black heart emoji meaning is not only related to bad feelings, but it may also be related to positive feelings such as love. It is commonly known that the heart is the symbol of love and its original color is red. However, someone may prefer to send black heart emoji to express his love. If you got black heart emoji from your lover and there is nothing wrong between you and him, he may just have wanted to make you surprised. He may have written it by a mistake. So you should be calm before you think something wrong.

Writing Comments About Black Things

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Sometimes people may want to express their positive ideas about black things that they see on social media. In these situations, they use black heart emoji. So black heart emoji meaning is about expressing positive ideas about black things. For example, a woman shares a photo with her smart black night dress. Her friends can leave their comments with black heart emoji.

Meaning of Black Heart EmojiThe reason they prefer black is the color of the dress. A girl may get black heart emoji when she shares a photo including her black hat. People may write her hat is excellent and they can send this emoji. Some songs include words like dark or black. For example, dark secret love is a well-known song. Those who like this song can use this emoji while they are writing their thoughts about this song.

Black Friday

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Black Friday is a well-known discount day by every day. Some people may write their thoughts about that day using this emoji. When someone buys a cloth or anything else with a significant discount, he can write he purchased it at a meager price, and he loves Black Friday. We can see black heart emoji at the end of this sentence.

Those Who Like Black

Black hearts

Black heart emoji meaning is sometimes about those who like the black color. They love this color very much. It is easy to realize them. So it is not strange for them to use black heart emoji.

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