Black face emoji

What is black face emoji meaning? How to use it?

Emojis are so popular on the internet and people like using them while texting. There are colorful emojis as well as black emojis. Although colorful emojis are preferred in most cases, sometimes people may prefer black emojis. Black face emoji is one of those emojis. It is also known as black smiling face emoji. As it is a smiling emoji, there is no big difference between the original smile emoji. It is the expression of smiling. Those who send this emoji usually express their happy mood. In some cases, the meaning of this emoji can be about dark humor. Besides, this emoji is sometimes regarded as dark moon emoji and because of that, its meaning is attributed to the meaning of black face emoji. So, it can be put in a text message to add a weird vibe.

Smilingsmiling text with black face emoji


Black face emoji meaning is often understood as the expression of positive feelings like happiness, pleasure, smiling, joy and more. Although it is black, a smile is a smile. So, there is no need to look for different meanings behind it. The person who sends this emoji may like black. So, that may be the reason why he sends black face emoji.

Dark humorDark humour text with black face emoji

In some cases, black face emoji can be used while expressing dark humor. Some people say things that represent dark humor. They can put this emoji in their text messages while writing their jokes. Apart from that, there are some black comedy movies. Many people enjoy watching them. So, they can add a black face emoji in their messages to refer to such film: “I have just found a nice movie on TV. It is a black comedy, and I enjoy it.”, “- What kind of movies do you like most? – I like black comedies very much.”

Weird feelings or acts

Black face emoji sometimes can be used instead of dark moon emoji. So, it can be used to express weird feelings or acts as well. The person who puts this emoji in his text message may have sneaky thoughts. For example, guys can send this emoji to the girls that they like.

Weird feelings or acts text with black face emoji

For example: “- Hey, what are you doing this evening? If you want, you can come to my home. We can have a nice evening.”

When a guy sends this message to his girlfriend with a black face emoji, he may want to say that he wants to have romantic moments.

Girls use this emoji in their conversations as well: “- Did you see the guy who joined the team? – Yes, he is so hot.” The girl who sends this response with black face emoji may want to express her interest in that guy.

Black face emoji meaning can be about weird acts. People sometimes do weird laws that even they can’t believe what they did: “- Do you know what happened last night? I talked to a girl that I don’t know and told that I wanted to kiss her. I can’t believe myself. I must be crazy.”

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