Beating heart emoji

Beating heart emoji meaning and using

Heart emojis are so popular around people. As there are different heart emojis, people send not only red heart emoji but also others. Beating heart emoji is one of these. We see this emoji with two pink hearts, and there are lines above them. It reminds the wireless icon with its look. That is why it is also called wi-fi beating heart emoji. Beating heart emoji meaning is often considered as the heart is beating. As it is known, it beats fast when someone is happy, excited, angry, happy and he feels love. The message that wants to be given to us with this emoji is love and life.

The symbol of love

The symbol of love Beating heart emoji meaning

The first thing that comes to mind when most people see beating heart emoji is love. That means someone has fallen in love. If a person sends this emoji to a person that he loves, he wants to say: “My heart is beating for you. I have fallen in love.” It can be used with a romantic love message as well.

Wi-fi beating heart

The reason that this emoji is called “wi-fi” is that it looks like a wireless icon. Just as all devices connected via a wireless network, lovers are connected with beating hearts. This emoji symbolizes being together. In this context, beating heart emoji can be sent to the loved one to send him or her the message that they are connected with love.


Life text with Beating heart emoji

Beating heart is also the source of life. So, this emoji can be put in a message to represent life. The person who puts this emoji wants to say that life is going on; it is worth living. Besides, wi-fi has been regarded as life. According to some people, life would be so hard without wi-fi. Because of those reasons, beating heart emoji meaning can be associated with life.

Feeling excited

Apart from these, someone can add beating heart emoji in his message to express his enthusiasm. So, it can be put in such expressions: “I am so excited that it will be our first meeting.” “I feel so excited as there is an important exam tomorrow.”, “Holiday time is getting closer. I am looking forward to going on a holiday.”

Beating heart is a favorite emoji. It is often used to express positive feelings or thoughts, and it isn’t related to any negative concept.

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