Banana emoji meaning

Nowadays, we see that fruit emojis are very popular on social media. Many people prefer to send different fruit emojis. Banana emoji is one of them. Banana emoji meaning is generally about going wild, taking off clothes and fruit.

Writing About Male Genital Organ

Banana emoji meaning is considered as male genital organ when the subject about these. For example, if a guy is horny, he can write this while using banana emoji. If the subject is about a male genital organ, we can see that this emoji is used. 

Taking Off Clothes

In some situations, banana emoji meaning is about to say taking off clothes. The reason is that taking off clothes can be associated with peeling a banana. So, this emoji can be used in a dialogue between a couple.

Banana fruit

Banana fruit emoji

Banana emoji meaning is probably about the fruit as well. Some people like banana very much. They like eating a banana as well as drinking banana juice. Some of them even take the pictures of bananas that are in their home and share it on their social media profile. They also write comments about their photos. For example, they can write something like that: โ€œWhat a beautiful day! I prepared a great banana juice and it is so sweet.โ€ This emoji can be put at the end of this message.

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